RUMBLE IN MICHIGAN — Proud Boys vs Antifa in Kalamazoo…

If there was any consistency to the mask requirements, it would make more sense. This guy wrote that after being accosted and required to wear an approved mask, he wrote they went on to eat their meal (I suppose this “Downtown Disney” is a restaurant row type of thing?…I wouldn’t know…I have zero interest in anything Disney).

So walking back and forth in the open air, the approved mask is required, yet you can go indoors, sit down, take the mask off and eat and the mask police leaves you alone? That’s BS.

It’s like the stupid stores now requiring you enter one door and exit another AND requiring masks. Everything I’ve seen is the guidelines are to wear a mask indoors where social distancing cant be guaranteed. That makes sense to me. The guidelines are supposed to be 6 feet apart from someone not of your household or wear a mask if you cant guaranty that space. OK, I’ll buy that, but if I’m wearing the mask, what does it matter if I walk past someone going in or out?

A lot of this is not as much places just getting off on making people do something, they are making a show of doing everything they can for “safety” because invariably, someone will try to sue them. Businesses would much rather open the doors as normal and not have to jump through all these hoops that cost them extra money and revenue loss from less customers. I dont enjoy wearing a mask, but I do like the new focus of stopping the spread of sickness. I have been careful to not get too close to strangers and use hand sanitizer for years just trying to not get the common cold or flu. I dont like large groups of people partially for this very reason. This is driving the people that love to be all up in the public space with strangers crazy, but this doesn’t really bother me too much, except nonsensical policies like wearing a mask outside in a parking lot when you are easily 6+ feet from other people and can make sure you can keep that distance by choosing where you walk and stand.

So many people are freaked out by this though. The non-mask people are far outnumbered.

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