“RSR Cycle” Repeats – Fox News John Roberts Goes Bananas on Racism…

The RSR Cycle is a pattern.  Racism, Sexism, Russia… wash-rinse-repeat.  Obviously background polling shows the Trump campaign is making strides gaining additional black voters in 2020.  Cue the return of the racism narrative:

[embedded content]


It doesn’t matter how many times President Trump denounces, renounces or decries statements of racism in any form; the narrative engineers have a mission. Racism, Sexism & Russia. At this point, with advancements in HBCU funding, prison reform and successful efforts with ’empowerment zones’, the accusation of racism is just silly.

Obviously John Roberts was blasted by those who watched his insufferable antics. Hence, his need to return to the microphone and attempt to justify his efforts.

[embedded content]



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