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This is a Urgent and Critical MISSING CHILDREN’s CASE. This family needs our community wide protection to support them in having their loving family restored to wholeness and kept safe from the child stealing wolves at the DCP Murray Bridge – Shame Shame Carly Crossly – RETURN Matthew and Nathaniel to their natural family NOW. The longer the criminal department drags this out – the more you are exposing your complete criminality for the ENTIRE WORLD to witness first hand. This is an international crime of the highest order. Anyone found to be actively preventing the reunification of this family will be charged with your part in GENOCIDE and brought before We the Free People of The Sovereign First Nations to answer for your crimes.


To Cathy Taylor acting CEO of Department of Child Protection ABN 54 598 525 171

RE: The immediate return of stolen toddlers Matthew and Nathaniel Dance to their Natural Mother and Father, Jasmine and Winston Dance today Friday January 21st, 2022 as a matter of urgent priority.

My name is Solange (Soli) Ellen Goodes, of Ngadjuri Nation, 15 Mugge Rd Sandy Creek, SA. I am writing on behalf of Jasmine and Winston Dance, and their two young son’s Matthew and Nathaniel, and We the Honestly Informed People of Kaurna, Ngadjuri, Ngarrindjeri National Sovereignty.

On Thursday the 7th of October 2021 Jasmine and Winston’s two young sons were unlawfully abducted by DCP Murray Bridge, led by caseworker Carly Crossly, with the assistance of two armed SAPOL officers. The male DCP worker involved in this unlawful child abduction acted and spoke in a threatening manner that further terrorised Jasmine and Winston. Exacerbating the already incredibly traumatic and completely unnecessary ordeal of having their children stolen by these unknown strangers.

Jasmine is an Original Sovereign First Nations woman. She and her family have been intergenerational victims of the corporate State’s genocidal policy; That relentlessly targets The Original Sovereign People of all First Nations for destruction of their family, community and culture.

Jasmin herself was a stolen child, abducted from her own natural mother at 4 weeks of age by the department. Fed into the corporate State run system where she was herself abused and exploited by predatory operators within this multibillion dollar for profit system of child trafficking and exploitation.

Jasmine was the 4th generation of stolen children in her family. Her son’s are currently 5th generation stolen Original children of The Sovereign First Nations. This evil is completely unacceptable to We the Honestly Informed Free People, and needs to be healed now through the immediate return of Matthew and Nathaniel to their loving and completely capable and competent natural parents.

We the Free People, including trusted, professionally qualified social worker/ counselor, Original Sovereign Elder, Aunty Sandra Ross; have conducted an independent parenting capacity assessment from our community review panel of trusted individuals with no financial conflict of interest in this family’s lives; We find that the reports and claims used by The Church and The State are false, unsubstantiated by any real evidence, are malicious and deliberately targeted by individuals with a financial conflict of interest in the theft of these children.

The details of this ongoing crime of the highest order against this loving and capable family are a horrifying, and thoroughly documented, example of the ongoing mass trauma being deliberately and systemically inflicted upon The Original People of The Sovereign First Nations and their babies and children.

The systemic and deliberately targeted genocidal corporate policy is evidenced by the hugely disproportionate over representation of The Original People who are being targeted for these State sanctioned child abductions. With 25,000 children currently being held under the control of the corporate State run child trafficking departments across all 369+ First Nations, and 18,000 of those children being of Original Sovereign Bloodlines.

Since the DCP and SAPOL workers swooped in and stole these two precious and very well loved and looked after little boys. Their loving parents have been cut off from all contact except for a 45 minute contact visit. Which after months of being kept forcibly separated with no knowledge to parents or children as to the safety and well-being of each other, inflicted re-traumatisation. When the family was again unlawfully torn apart under the false claims to authority of the for profit DCP corporation and your paid employees . Yet another cruel act of complete inhumanity that has inflicted further criminal, trauma and grief to this already devastated family.

We the Honestly Informed People do not have any faith or trust in the existing Department of Child Protection or ‘family court system’ which is part of a corporate fraud. Operating here in The Sovereign First Nations without any lawful sovereignty, without any real jurisdiction to law, and without permission to trade here.

You are hereby notified that as of October 13th 2021, a complete cessation of claim to jurisdiction by all systems of corporate government, and law on this continent, to the real Original Nations, the InterNational Land Law Bora Courts, and The People has been declared as a matter of public and historic record.

As such Jasmine and Winston are under no obligation to appear in or to accept any unlawful judgment by The Youth Court Adelaide or by The Department of Child Protection. All of this family’s rights to reject any fraudulent rulings/ decisions made by the unlawful commercial court and corporate DCP are reserved in perpetuity; For their own, and their children’s peace and protection, and as a matter of respecting their free will, humanity and good faith.

We require that you respect the truth Cathy Taylor, as is the real law of the Sovereign First Nations Land. You are bound to follow our lawful People’s Order to return Matthew and Nathaniel to their Natural Mother and Father, Jasmine and Winston today Friday January 21st as a matter of urgent priority. As is the only lawful, and humane thing to do.

Failure to follow the lawful direction of We the Honestly Informed People will result in all details of this matter being published as evidence and used to prosecute you, and each individual living man and woman working for the DCP, SAPOL, The Youth Court Adelaide and any other associated corporations, and their employees and contractors claiming falsely assumed authority in this loving family’s free lives.

Failure to immediately cease with complicity in relation to the unlawful detainment of Jasmine and Winston’s two young sons, who are of First Nations Sovereignty will result in a direct charge of $10,000AUD per hour, per child, backdated to the original time of their unlawful abduction and disappearance/ hostage holding under the corporate State’s fraudulent Act. This is enforceable upon this notice being issued at 9:30 am ACDT on the 21st of January, 2022 to The Youth Court Adelaide and The South Australian Justice Department and DCP.

We trust that you will instruct the DCP Murray Bridge to make all necessary arrangements for the immediate return of these boys to their loving parents.

As I’m sure you can well appreciate this gross miscarriage of justice and abusive high crime against this vulnerable, targeted, while completely capable family is a matter of critical and urgent concern for our community/ international network of real child protection advocates, Original Sovereign Elders, lawmen and women, and our independent news reporters.

This family’s story highlights the complete criminality and consistent systemic failings of the department in stealing targeted children to the detriment of the children and their natural family. With the workers acting with grievous indifference to the immense trauma, deep grief and devastation these child abductions cause to the parents and children. This conduct is completely

unacceptable to We the Honestly Informed People and needs to cease department wide immediately.

We are still awaiting a response from you Cathy to our earlier request for a community meeting with you, and our trusted Original Elders. It’s long past time to discuss your role and the current policies and operations of The Department of Child Protection here in The Sovereign First Nations that make up what is known as South Australia.

Your failure to respond to our public request for a meeting with you, and failure to maintain open communication with We the Free People is being collected as evidence of your knowing complicity in the ongoing international crime of genocide of our Original Sovereign First Nations People here; and all of the children being unlawfully held in forced separations from their families and subjected to the dangerous and in a number of cases now, deadly, bio agent injection being pushed on the unsuspecting people despite the mass devastation it is causing.

You are required to either make yourself available for a meeting with our community council for real child protection and the reunification and healing of natural family and community, as a matter of urgent priority. Or you are required to step down from your position as you are no longer trusted and have proven yourself grossly incompetent and negligent in your failures to meet the real needs and expectations of We the Honestly Informed People and our most vulnerable children and families.

Awaiting your response.

In truth,

Solange Ellen

On behalf of We the Honestly Informed People of Kaurna, Ngadjuri and Ngarrindjeri National Sovereignty through our People’s Peace Alliance/ People’s Treaty.

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