Republican Business Interests Separate From Sidney Powell…

When it was clear that candidate Donald Trump would win the republican presidential nomination in March/April 2016 the RNC, specifically Reince Priebus, salivated at getting their hands on the Trump campaign donor files. Politics is a big business.

Historically the GOP was dependent on big major donors and Wall Street for support, but the Trump small donor army shattered all republican records for contributions and showed a completely new grassroots donor base.  Tens of millions of middle-class Americans fueled the MAGA movement and stunned the republican establishment.

As an outcome of that massive data-file, and the contractual agreements to share with the Republican National Committee, the RNC became flush with money and transmitted the file to other GOP members in down ballot races.   Essentially Trump represented access to millions of previously hidden Americans, that’s why your emails and phones blew up in 2020 with pleas for contributions from every outlier GOP entity; the vultures in the business…

Within the business part of the GOP there are massive territorial fights amid those who live on the donations from within political campaigns.  The Trump MAGA file is being exploited like a bloody carcass dropped into a pool of piranha.  Once you know how the business end works, then a lot of other stuff makes sense.  Including this:

This is all about who is getting paid by the campaign and RNC.  The Trump campaign isn’t going to reimburse Sidney Powell for any expenses, nor is she allowed to make offers of financial payment from the GOP or Trump campaign.  The vultures assembling and protecting their paychecks do not want Powell getting paid, nor do they want any financial liability.  That’s all this statement is.

This statement by the Trump Campaign has nothing to do with Donald Trump, it is directly related to those interests who derive financial benefit from the Trump campaign.  The same network of vultures exists on the DNC side of the equation and they exploit Bernie Sanders donor files.

RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel has enjoyed a high life of cocktail parties and lavish expenditures as a result of her position and control over the Trump data files; so too have a host of other entities and organizations that have been sending you text messages for money.  That’s just how they roll….

That announcement is all about money; nothing more.

Carry on…


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