Recycling Ayman al-Zawahiri, Vax-injury Compensation, Laptops and Secrets

by G5

Ah, the amazing world of False Flags, Hoaxes, Ruses, and pure chronic and habitual lying.

Ayman al Zawahiri.

Hoorah! The US just killed the already dead Ayman al Zawahiri. Just like they killed the already dead Osama bin Laden (Tim Osman). Buried at sea.

[Above November 2020, below August 2022]

I recall a few years ago that a body supposedly that of CIA op. Michael Calabrese floated up near the famous Chappaquiddick. Except; on examining the photos; it was another CIA op. I had known many years prior.

And recently we had the amazing incident of another classic suicide of a Clinton confidant Mark Middleton. He delivered a shotgun blast to his chest, then hung himself.

What about Roberto Calvi hanging himself posthumously under Black Friars Bridge?

And of course: Milosovich committing suicide just prior to release for his false conviction. And Epstein committing suicide while under strict surveillance for suicide. Robert Maxwell falling off his yacht. The nasty IRA dispatching paedophile Louis Mountbatten. Savile dying of natural causes. Diana having a car accident.

And the situations of the moving dead as; Mark Rich, Vince Foster, David Kelly, Robin Cook et al.

Overdoses are always popular, John Belushi and many others.

What about US intel experimenting? Ricin for Markov, Polonium for Litvinenko, TCDD for Yushchenko, and DOJ BZ for Skripal. Pretend Novichok tested in Amesbury prior to Salisbury next to Porton Down.

The annual gatherings of the deceased from The Shuttles, Sandy Hook, etc. are interesting.


The reality of the C19 psychotically induced insanity, with the psychopathic and sociopathic enforcements of tyrannical regimes, inculcated by false and deceptive media propaganda, is yet to be addressed.

“COVID Vaccine Injuries Quietly Being Compensated Around the World, Are You Eligible?” EPOCH TIMES…

The greatest criminal escapade ever perpetrated, leaving the induced authority addicted, mentally deranged, collaborator classes, lost in the mental void of their own Pavlovian stupidity. Many of whom are never able to admit the reality of that which has injured and will kill them.

We hold our words, as we can never wish them well, due to the malevolence and vindictiveness with which they prosecuted their ignorant and tutored insane mission against those who knew better.

The facts of the reality are not in contention. The issue is the acceptance by those induced into the insane Human Clinical Trials, that they were captured in the swathe to their detriment.

The theatric dramas of a fake pandemic. Followed by the voluntary submission to government co-conspiracy, after the destruction of the natural immune system. The moralised and Intellectualised grasping for involvement in genocidal Human Clinical Trials. At no time in history has obedience by government addiction delivered correctly and honestly. But a fake pandemic was to be somehow correct.

The collaborators and believers are to be pitied. But never forgotten and never forgiven.

Laptops and Secrets

Joe is a serial **** [hair sniffer]. His son Hunter recorded a video of himself having sex with his deceased brother’s daughter.

When Hunter delivered his laptop for repair: a lot of material was found, which also linked Soetoro, father Joe, and uncle Frank to corruption and other activities.

Good Intel was intrigued. So they quietly raided the Biden camp and took two other laptops. As on Jan 6, Good Intel took Pelosi’s laptop.

And of course, HRC had eleven devices. Being stupid as she is: all the material on all those devices was captured by various intel services. As was all the material of The HRC DNC, The DOJ, State, The IRS, The FBI, and much more.

And they all think they have unrevealed secrets.

From the days of Eric Holder (Lou Alcindor), Loretta Lynch (Elizabeth Carlisle), HRC (Hillary Blythe), and Barrack Obama (Barry Soetoro), believing they have secrets.

And the garbage gathered on the journey; Anita Hill against Clarence Thomas, Christine Ford against Brett Kavanaugh, Robert Mueller against Trump leading to the First Impeachment, Alexander Vindman the secret whistleblower against Trump in The Second Impeachment, and Cassidy Hutchinson against Trump in The Jan 6 Hearings, to lead to The Third Impeachment.

The Dems have done all they can to push Russia or China into a war with The US. As Soetoro attempted in 2015 to posture a nuclear strike by Russia in the Caribbean off Florida; the current attempts in; Ukraine, The Balkans, and Taiwan, have not succeeded.

They will just have to rely on their time-honoured fraudulent voting.

Joe Biden and the Dems

My reports indicate that Biden does not use doubles. HRC had two.

Love AltMedia and their efforts at expansion and embellishment. Use side Ear Lines and side Jaw Lines. AltMedia pundits are not the automatic go-to place when all else is too ridiculous.

The Jamaican Indian is chafing at the bit. However: her owners believe that her debating Trump or de Santis in 2024 would further damage the virtually non-existent political party, headed for extinction.

Even Soetoro in his third de facto term to Joe’s de facto presidency is keeping Joe in the basement and The Jamaican Queen tied to the chair.

New blood from the Dems, to at least posture Credibility. But diving into the cesspit in the hope of finding a polished turd with a clean end, will not give a good outcome. Somewhat like running The Sunak Joke against the ridiculous Truss. Vote for the less absurd.

Joe receives 81 million votes. But three months after the alleged election, his popularity is under 30%. It couldn’t have halved in three months; if real. And it has only continued down the S-Bend. The destroyed economy has no foreseeable positive future. Governments that pound their already severely challenged people with incessant inculcated propaganda, will reap what they sow. The robotic nature of the psychotically induced has limited value.

The West has been Americanised. And the pigeons have returned.


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