RDA business directory – what do we stand for?

Below are the only requirements you need to sign your business up for the RDA directory. Have a close read and you’ll see that it is completely legal.

We have over 90,000 subscribers and up to 200,000 views per week and it’s only $29/year to list your business. This is not for profit, this covers the administration and maintenance. We have one staff member dedicated to this project.


  • We understand that, if someone has a medical condition that prevents them from safely wearing a mask, they are not obliged to reveal that condition or show us evidence. We will not refuse entry or service to anyone not wearing a mask.
  • We trust our customers to use the QR code provided.
  • We accept cash.
  • We trust that our customers are following the law, however, we are not police officers or health officials. We do not have legal jurisdiction to ask about private medical information.


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