Ratings for DNC Down 48% From 2016





Night two of the virtual Democratic National Convention drew 6.1 million viewers across CBS, ABC, and NBC last night. This shows a 48 percent drop in broadcast television viewers compared to night two of the 2016 convention.

Speeches from the likes of former President Bill Clinton and Jill Biden didn’t excite voters like previous cycles. One reason could be the pre-taped speeches aren’t as exciting as live, energy-filled arena speeches. Or, perhaps, viewers were protesting Bill Clinton’s speech as new photos were released earlier in the day of him receiving a massage from a Jeffrey Epstein victim.

DNC officials said their digital numbers are up, which makes sense considering more people get their content online. However, such a drop in TV viewership may show a lack of interest in the speakers and perhaps the nominee.

The Republican National Convention is set to begin next week, with President Trump giving his remarks from the White House. Whether excitement has lessened on the Republican side, too, has yet to be seen.


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