Raffensperger gives recount update…

Let me go ahead and prepare everyone. I am a God fearing redneck from Georgia and I am telling you that the GOP will get the hell beaten out of it in this and future elections. Governor Kemp is a rat who will lose his next election for sure. I can only hope that he loses a primary or Stacy Abrams will be our next Governor. Kemp helped set this up by appointing liberal Oligarch Kelly Loeffler to the Senate instead of the Air Force Chaplain, Doug Collins. This, combined with the obvious voter fraud that Kemp and the Sec. of State have abetted, will kill the Republican brand in the South for a generation. I voted for Perdue because he deserved it. I left the race with Loeffler blank. I am tired of all of this “save the Country” talk that simply means that we have to vote for fakes & frauds for candidates. I am done.

I hadn’t voted since 2000 until Trump ran for President and I saw a chance for an actual outsider to possibly change things. The Communists and the GOP, along with the administrative state, worked against our President and the American people at every step. The GOP must pay for their betrayal. We need term limits and an abolishment of all political parties.


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