Quien es mas macho — Scott Pelley or Obama?

Frank Marshall Davis, the propaganda chief of the Chicago-based Communist Party USA had a son who looks almost identical to our former President.

After Frank Marshall Davis had to testify in front of the United States Congress Committee on Un-American Affairs, he was transferred to the Pacific to propagandize that part of the world from Hawaii. He was from Kansas, the same as Obama’s Mother and her Parents.

Shortly after our former President was born (in Coast Providence General Hospital in Nairobi Kenya rumor has it), his Mother divorced the Kenyan Obama.

When our former President was about ten years old, his Mother sent him from Indonesia to be raised by her Mom & Dad…in Hawaii where Frank Marshall Davis was living. Quite a coincidence.

In Obama’s book, “Dreams from my Father,” he mentions a fellow named Frank in Hawaii who was his “mentor” 23 or 24 different times. So, it would appear this Frank (no last name) had a very important role in Barack Hussein Obama’s life. Very important. Almost like a Father.

Just remember: Frank Marshall Davis was the head of Propaganda for the Communist Party USA and was based out of their headquarters in Chicago, Illinois.

What does all of this mean?

My mistake: Coast Providence General Hospital is in Mombasa, Kenya.


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