Puerto Rico Governor Wanda Vazquez Endorses President Donald Trump – La Gobernadora de Puerto Rico, Wanda Vázquez, Respalda al Presidente Donald Trump…

The false accusations of racism and sexism against our president took a big hit today as the Governor of Puerto Rico, Wanda Vazquez, has endorsed President Trump for his 2020 re-election.

Governor Vazquez was going to surprise the media with a planned campaign event with President Trump in Central FL, which has a very high Puerto Rican population, last Friday. However, the event had to be canceled due to the president’s COVID-19 diagnosis. Governor Vazquez made the endorsement today via a television interview [SEE HERE].

While Puerto Rican nationals cannot participate in the U.S. presidential election, there are many U.S. citizens from Puerto Rico, especially in Florida.  In the aftermath of Hurricane Maria many residents of Puerto Rico moved to Florida due to the collapsed infrastructure during the emergency. This endorsement today reflects a strong showing of support for how President Trump has assisted the island.

In addition to the initial recovery funding, recently President Trump announced the largest ever FEMA grant to the island nation, almost $13 billion, in an effort to completely rebuild the roads, utilities and energy infrastructure. The administration’s approach is a smart investment in an island that has a unique set of resources for the pharmaceutical industry; including a previously trained workforce.  The announcement was typical President Trump with optimal and pragmatic policy solutions on display.

[…]  Puerto Rico serves as a strategic economic region to recapture the Pharmaceutical industry. Historically Puerto Rico was a hub for pharmaceutical manufacturing; however, due to poor and undependable infrastructure, an outcome of terrible management in government, combined with competitive incentives provided by alternative nations, most PR pharma operations moved to India and China.

With the Trump administration confronting Big Pharma on multiple fronts, including the need for a secure supply chain, a cost-effective approach is massive investment to repair and replace the island infrastructure. Today the White House announces the largest FEMA grant in history as an underpinning to this strategic objective. (continue reading)


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