Professor Byram Bridle: “No Evidence of Any Vax Benefit”

Professor Byram Bridle: “No Evidence of Any Vax Benefit”

By Steve Kirsch

I interviewed virologist Professor Byram Bridle. He points out that there is no evidence of benefit. If anything, all the evidence shows the vaccines INCREASE risk of infection, hospitalization, death.

Executive summary

According to Professor Bridle, at best, there are no benefits for the COVID vaccines. But the data shows they make the problem worse in every metric: infections, hospitalizations, and deaths. You’ve been completely misled by the medical community about these vaccines.

There isn’t a single “expert” in the world who is willing to show Professor Bridle that he got it wrong.


Here’s my latest interview with Professor Byram Bridle:

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If you don’t have time to watch the whole thing, here’s the takeaway:

  1. Byram is pissed. Pfizer’s own trial with over 40,000 participants showed NO EVIDENCE of a mortality or hospitalization benefit. If anything, it showed the reverse. (See Figure 1 below). The “benefits” were not statistically significant because the effect sizes were tiny.
  2. The focus needs to be on the absolute risk reduction which is miniscule.
  3. Each shot increases your risk of COVID infection (See Figure 2 below)
  4. There has NEVER been a vaccine in medicine which made you more likely to be infected, yet reduced your risk of hospitalization/death. NEVER.
  5. There is NO PLAUSIBLE MECHANISM OF ACTION which would enable these vaccines to reduce your risk of hospitalization and death. Why hasn’t anyone explained this? Will you debate Professor Bridle? Why not?
  6. In short, there are no benefits to these vaccines. You’ve been completely misled by the medical community about these vaccines and there isn’t a single “expert” in the world who is willing to show Professor Bridle that he got it wrong.
Figure 1. This shows that Pfizer’s own data shows that the vaccine increased your risk of severe adverse events, hospitalization, and death. This is the best case since the vaccine matched the variant.
Figure 2. The CDC wants you to ignore this excellent study by the Cleveland Clinic of over 51,000 participants (their employees) which clearly shows that the more shots you get, the greater the risk of infection. All participants were working age employees of the hospital. This is real-life data and the pro-vax community hopes you will never read the study.

UK doctors speak out

If you haven’t yet seen this video of the UK doctors speaking out, check it out. It’s consistent with the data Byram presented:
UK doctors who are not afraid to speak out. They will lose their license because they speak the truth — this is how “science” works nowadays. Speaking the truth is no longer acceptable to the medical community.

Meanwhile, the US Senate is focused on more urgent issues than saving lives: Taylor Swift ticketing problems

Most people think dying suddenly is a more important issue…

but the US Senate clearly believes that Taylor Swift tickets are much more important:

I can’t get a single US Senator (other than Ron Johnson) who is interested in exploring why so many people in the US are dying suddenly. It’s really strange.


This interview with Professor Byram Bridle makes it crystal clear that the COVID vaccines make the pandemic worse; that’s what the highest quality evidence shows.

There was no evidence in the gold standard trials that the vaccines decrease your risk of hospitalization or death. If anything, it’s the reverse. Even with 44,000 people in the trial, the effect was too small to achieve statistical significance!

This evidence has been in plain sight for over a year. By my estimate, over 500,000 people have been killed by these vaccines in the US alone. No prominent expert anywhere in the world will debate me or any of my colleagues about this. Byram pleaded in this video for anyone to show he is wrong.

But the US Senate is focused on looking into more important issues, namely Taylor Swift concert ticketing issues.

I hope that someday, members of Congress (other than Senator Ron Johnson) will return my calls. Maybe in a couple of years, after we have the concert ticketing problems all sorted out.


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