Privy Council has never tabulated greenhouse gas emissions for Trudeau’s travel, work

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Since 2015, no analysis has been conducted by the Privy Council Office into the carbon footprint of climate-crusading Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

The revelation that the same focus applied to the tailpipe of SUVs of Canadians has never been applied to Trudeau’s Challenger jet fleet was part of a reply to an inquiry of ministry.

Alberta Conservative MP Garnett Genuis asked the PCO, Trudeau’s army of bureaucrats, for proof of efforts to measure or reduce the GHG associated with the PM’s work or personal travel.

No data was returned by the PCO about the value of Trudeau’s GHG crimes. The line items next to the years 2015–2022 were left blank.

Trudeau has waged war on the oil and gas, mining, and farming sectors in an effort to reduce GHG emissions.

An expose into the war on farmers can be seen on True North as part of their “Fertilizer Files”.

Trudeau has also proposed a “Just Transition” away from oil and gas to Albertans, something that has drawn Premier Danielle Smith into conflict with Ottawa. Kris Sims from The Canadian Taxpayers Federation joined The Gunn Show earlier this week, you can hear our in-depth conversation on the subject for free, released from behind our RebelNews+ paywall.

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