President Trump Extensive Interview With Sean Hannity


I was born in Scotland and emigrated as a nineteen year old.

We often have the same issues here in Canada. Where our clown “ leaders” have unsurprisingly be proven to be utterly corrupt and inept.

Here in British Columbia we can no longer travel freely to Vancouver Island or eat a meal in any restaurant, or have a drink at the bar.

Yet Costco is packed, bars are putting up tents in parking lots so patrons can drink outside, and flights can come in pretty much unrestricted from India and China.

Comedy Gold!

Our idiotic small city council are considering closing the beach. As too many folks are out there.

Swimming, crabbing, kayaking and the like.

But I can go to Costco ( where I have been only once in goodness knows how many years.) struggle to get a parking spot. Then line up for 20 mins or so to return items or line up for food and drinks at their hot dog counter.

As my mates used to say “ Git the F**k”

The water is boiling and even mild mannered folks are getting choked.

“ Nae Surrender”


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