President Trump Endorses Mo Brooks, and Skewers “Old Crow Mitch McConnell”


Yup… One of the Ugliest components of the Big Ugly…

Because Election Integrity – IF done thoroughly, will expose much of the wormage of the Mausoleum to deadly sunlight.

8 Months on, over 200 days, and we are just now getting close to heart of the matter.

It will show too many corrupt county and city officials, if not active players, blindly complacent to the fraud happening on their watch. Malfeasance and Dereliction of Duty. Maybe they are your acquaintances, distant relatives, the social Golden Boys, Girls and Families.

Too many faces caught on too many video feeds to dismiss. Pulling suitcases full of “Ballots” out from under tables, placing cardboard barriers over “Observation” windows. Too many Patriots who know things about paper fibers, ink markings, computer Operating Systems, Database structures, Router/Internet packet makeup to cover up everything.

The Watchers and the Overseers were either intoxicated, asleep or waylaid. And when they regained some modicum of composure, they are not able to compute a personal future with these failings in the public eye. They are/were the picture of being above reproach. The Politicians, the Clergy, the Police Commissioners, those who by virtue of their Office must always present to the world Infallibility. Otherwise, in their minds, the world will fall apart.

Bring it on.


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