Post Office Whistleblower Denies Recanting Statement Witnessing Ballot Fraud – Demands Washington Post Retract False Claims…

U.S Postal Worker Richard Hopkins came forward to expose specific irregularities with the back-dating of ballots which he personally witnessed.  Several U.S. Senators demanded AG Bill Barr immediately investigate the claims and sworn affidavit.  However the Washington Post ran a story yesterday (has been re-written several times) claiming Mr. Hopkins recanted his statements.

After reading the Washington Post story, whistleblower Richard Hopkins tells the newspaper their story is false, he did not recant.  However, the Washington Post refuses to remove the story, instead they re-write it several times attempting to retain the falsity.

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Hopkins was interviewed by the USPS Inspector General’s office and shares with Project Veritas the pressure federal officers exerted upon him in an effort to force him to recant his statement.


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