Portland Protestors Occupy Mayor Ted Wheeler’s Apartment Building Demanding His Resignation

A group of activist protestors organized a sit-in at Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler’s apartment building on Friday, demanding that he “reduce the Portland Police Bureau budget, commit to never voting for police budget increases again, and resign.”

The demand letter also commands Wheeler, who it labels as a “true embodiment of white supremacy” to “complete abolition of the Portland Police Bureau by 2022, with no private or technological replacement” and redirect the money from the PPB into social programs.

Local news reports claim there were “about 10 people inside the lobby,” but that a larger crowd—estimated to include over 100 people—congregated outside the building playing loud music, dancing, chanting, and holding various signs.

Despite the protestors’ cries, Wheeler responded to them on Twitter. He thanked the protestors for their “powerful display of solidarity” and encouraged the protestors to “move forward with reform, recovery and resilience plans for PDX.”

While the crowd of protestors outside the building dissipated later that night, rioters gathered around the Portland Police Association building and attempted to set it ablaze, ultimately choosing to light a dumpster mattress on fire instead. According to local news, “the situation was quickly declared a riot, and multiple arrests were made.”

Over the last few months, Portland has suffered massive violence and damage from rioters protesting police brutality in light of George Floyd’s death. Many of these attacks by rioters have been targeted at the PPA, with destruction and vandalism even targeting a memorial to a fallen police officer.


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