Political Lawfare, New York AG Files Another Frivolous Lawsuit Against Donald Trump and Trump Organization

The first New York State AG approach was to claim Donald Trump and the Trump organization undervalued their company assets, specifically real-estate assets, in order to avoid income and property tax liabilities.  That didn’t work.  Apparently, they discovered the complex valuation system of finance in real-estate that ebbs and flows as property evaluations rise and fall under market conditions.

Next up, the same New York AG moved to target Donald Trump and the Trump organization for overvaluing their company assets, specifically real-estate assets, in order to gain favorable financial and banking terms.  Thus, the claims today from New York’s political activist Attorney General Letitia James, which will, like all efforts before, eventually fail.

The leftist goal is to continue targeting President Donald Trump through lawfare in order to bleed him out and/or make him go away.  Which really raises an interesting aspect as to the unique nature of Donald J Trump.

What is it about this one man’s outlook that causes such levels of fear and targeting?

The big picture answer is found in the primary Donald Trump objective, “America-First!”

….There are trillions at stake.

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The above meme is very accurate, albeit not specific.   What the Big Club wants is control over everything related to money; as a result, that brings control over all human activity, at least that’s what they believe.

President Trump stands in the way of this larger ideological construct that forms the cornerstone of the Big Club and all the tentacles of politics.  Everything is always about the economics of the thing, even ideology.

Donald J Trump puts the manipulated global financial system, a system based on exploitation of sovereign wealth, at risk.   Donald J Trump opposes the biggest of the big force elements that are aligned against people.  No other person has ever, or would ever, attempt to confront that scale of enemy.

Do you recognize what scale of effort they are willing to exhaust in order to remove the threat Trump represents?

Can you fathom what Machiavellian deployment they would be willing to organize in order to retain the system of controlling western wealth?

Do you realize what personal characteristics a ‘John Galt‘ must possess in order to face that enemy?

Great MAGA King type characteristics.


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