Petition drop-off: Will the College of Physicians and the Hospital of Montréal, Le CHUM, let a patient die just over a vaccine?

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This is really what is happening in Montréal, Quebec. A patient name Joanie Dupuis has been fighting for more than a year to get vital surgery.

Joanie Dupuis has been suffering from cystic fibrosis since she was young, but her condition deteriorated last year when she was hospitalized. In October 2021, access criteria for a lung transplant, as well as other transplants, were changed to make dual vaccination against Covid-19 mandatory. At this instance, Joanie, who was now eighth on the waiting list, was completely removed until she received the required double injection.

Joanie Dupuis, in my first report, explains why she does not want to take this vaccine, you can review it here.

Despite a first petition submitted to the College of Physicians and the Montreal Hospital, the CHUM, no formal action was taken.

In August 2022, I did a video with Joanie to discuss her situation. She was then facing a Bell’s Palsy paralysis on both sides of her face, leaving her almost unable to talk. She explained that they do not know why she is facing this medical problem, is it the degradation of her condition, the multiple medications that she needs to take to keep her health stable, or something else? You can review my second report with her, here.

Are they really going to let this young woman die and not give her the help she needs?

Another petition had to be submitted to the College of Doctors to put pressure on them. Because how long does Joanie Dupuis have? No one knows the answer.

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