Peter Strzok is a smug slanderous bastard…

@Dan the Man

President Trump literally wrote a chapter about Revenge.
pause on that and consider a couple things.

– if President Trump “loses” a rigged election after 3 years of nonstop blockade impeachment . . . .
what will the COUNTER PUNCHER IN CHIEF do between Nov. 3 2020 and Jan 7th 2021?

– if he wins and wins the House and Senate.
what will he do then?

yeah but if he loses America is Lost . . .

The Administrative Agency
known as the UNITED STATES is operating in receivership as we speak.

it is broken and so is the FED. period.

The globalist goal is to Hand President Trump a NON OPPONANT
Contest the Landslide in courts and in the street
and spark a civil war.

IF The President instates Marshall Law they will “impeach” him for Overreach and yield control to Global Interests
(thats their war game plan)[Podesta]
What is President Trumps Plan? . . .

” I Never tell the Enemy what im going to do.”
– President Donald J Trump

The UNITED STATES is gone Already.

AMERICA is still here.
stay tuned . . .


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