Peter Haughton Political Prisoner Adelaide South Australia

Peter Haughton – true news update Jan 17th 2022

True News Update Adelaide – Re Peter Haughton Friday Dec 17th

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Thinking of you Pete

We have a dedicated task force/ action group that is working to get Pete out and we’re inviting support and assistance from the wider community as this is an urgent and critical matter of life or death for Pete.

Please watch and share this video, this is local true news, and we need to work together to restore the real law, peace, freedom, sanity and coming back to the heart of our shared humanity ❤️


Click for information on How to Help Pete!


Peter Haughton

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WARRIOR IN TROUBLE!!!! please help however you can.

The private police force in Australia have been used to silence and kidnap a prominent truther in Adelaide without a warrant or verified cause of action.
Peters property was evacuated at gunpoint and searched without supervision, the search allegedly yielded a gun.
No one in the local community has seen or heard of a gun in peters possession, peters weapon of choice is his voice and he has represented himself over 80 times in Australian courts against prominent judges and government departments.

Contact Donna re your stories of dealing with the Department of Child Protection, or what ever name the State run child trafficking department is branded as in your location

Make reports of child trafficking if your child or grandchild has been stolen at Crown Executive Orders

Learn more about lawful remedy in standing with The Original Sovereign First Nations and declare yourself a party to our People’s Treaty

Visit our Summer of Light Sovereignty Summit YouTube channel here

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Political Prisoner Solange Free after 22 Days and 21 nights in Solitary Confinement

Urgent request for community wide support – Adelaide South Australia – Child Protection

SOS from Australia World Wide … HELP they are KILLING our People. PLZ SHARE

Notice of criminal organisations …Testimonial and Affidavit of : james … South Australian Government and others knowingly participate in criminal organisations 🙂

Aussie Court Rules Mandatory Jabs Violate Free & Informed Consent & Therefore Break The Law


Please help truthPeep spread the word :)