‘People are doing whatever they can to help’: Belleville Wild Wing still fighting vaccine passports

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Jackie Banas, the owner of Wild Wing in Belleville, Ontario, originally came into Rebel News’ campaign at WeWontAsk.com. Questioning the constitutionality and cohesiveness of the Reopening Ontario Act with other laws, Jackie notes that she views checking people’s medical papers as being unethical and unlawful.

Having always honoured mask exemptions that are part of the same act public health is enforcing on her, Jackie wonders why the heavy enforcement of masking onto exempt individuals conflicts, rather than aligns, with the legislation.

Jackie notes that while other restaurants in her locale seem empty, her establishment has been busier than ever before.

Even after the Alcohol Gaming Commission of Ontario temporarily suspended her liquor licence in an effort to force her into compliance, business continues to boom at her restaurant.

In this update, we discuss how the hammer of public health has since come down on Jackie and her business.

We discuss the legal cost to her personally that has the potential to be astronomical. With patrons asking how they can help and people offering her cash on the spot, Jackie decided to better direct their efforts and has since started an online crowd fund initiative, which you can find here.

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