Payroll tax highlight from Trump presser…

No need for the E.O. as the Federal Reserve central bank will be going the way of the dinosaur and soon.

POTUS is currently hammering the FED credit card before he pull their plug. We will continue stimulus and likely get infrastructure funding while the dollar remains the world’s reserve currency. In the next couple of years, there will be a world wide reset, or financial Jubilee as it were, where all debts will be forgiven, all central banks will be dissolved and honest money, be it precious metals, or trade-able materials / natural resources will be the currency of the planet. Even labor of the people of some countries will be used in exchange for metals or resources.

Until this world financial restructure is complete, it’s not a bad idea to have a full pantry, some gold or silver (one can still buy both on ebay, pawn shops and jewelers), a way to get and purify water and some form of self protection. If you can grow a garden, make your own clothes, or have a barter-able trade (mechanic, carpentry, plumber) that would be good to.

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