‘Papadopoulos was framed, criminal referral coming’…


Yes, amen THF. However, though processes are cast in concrete: things will occur as God said they would, but the timing is fluid. God will perform His Word, but He will adjudicate per the faith of the Church. Paul makes this rather clear in 2nd Thessalonians 2:1-8. It is the faith of Believers in Jesus that holds back (detains) God’s end-time solution. If the Church is strong in Her faith, God will not allow the final act to happen yet. But if not…

2: 7 – “Only when the present detainer may be coming to be out of the midst, then will be unveiled the lawless one (whom the Lord Jesus will despatch with the Spirit of His mouth and will discard by the advent of His presence)… ”

The “detainer” is our belief and love. It was a constant presence in the early Church, that’s why it is styled “present detainer”. It isn’t the Pope, who wasn’t present when Paul wrote. It isn’t some other entity that leaves the Church to become the opposition, because the detainer was performing presently… it was active as the detainer during Paul’s time. Faith and love fit the key. When our faith in and love of God are sufficiently given up by us, then the lawless one will have free reign to pillage and destroy, claiming that he himself is God.



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