Papadopoulos trolls ‘Clinton errand boy’ Alexander Downer… Hints at big things to come…

Posted by Kane on October 7, 2020 12:40 am


“I am predicting that declassified information will demonstrate that Alexander Downer, and the Australian government, were willful participants of the Obama administration to help jump start a conspiracy on the FISA court. I haven’t been wrong about anything. I lived this.”

“I had a lot of bizarre meetings during the 2016 election. But none more wacky than the “meeting” with the “Australian diplomat”, Alexander Downer. Couldn’t believe he started to record me with his phone and asked strange questions. I reported him to US authorities in early 2017.”

“To put things in perspective as declassification is imminent: the two “sources” of information on the Trump campaign to get the CIA/FBI to spy were Chris Steele and Alexander Downer. What did both have in common? MI6 and the Clinton campaign and foundation. Massive scandal.”

Nice trolling of Clinton errand boy…


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