Lawsuit: Wisconsin Elections Commission Let Electors Change Votes After Submitting Ballots

Lawsuit: Wisconsin Elections Commission Let Electors Change Votes After Submitting Ballots

Restoring Integrity and Trust in Elections (RITE) filed a lawsuit against the Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC) last week over its unlawful guidance allowing absentee voters to change their votes after their ballots are cast.

In an Aug. 1, 2022, memorandum sent to all Wisconsin municipal clerks, WEC instructed that after a voter submits an absentee ballot, he can request to “spoil” that ballot and receive a new one if he changes his mind or makes a mistake. Furthermore, in an Aug. 2 memo, WEC allows clerks to “invalidate” a “spoiled ballot” on behalf of the voter.

Such guidance violates Wisconsin statute, which states that a voter possesses the exclusive authority to spoil his absentee ballot before it is submitted, not after. If the voter spoils his absentee ballot before he casts it, he must return the ballot to the clerk (who then destroys it) and request a new one. 

With WEC’s new guidance, however, a clerk may invalidate a “spoiled” ballot on behalf of the voter, thereby increasing the potential for fraud or abuse in the absentee voting process.

“RITE is working to protect Wisconsinites from unfair and unequal election procedures,” RITE’s President and CEO Derek Lyons said in a press release. “Once a vote is cast, it is cast. Period. WEC is breaking the law and courting disaster by allowing individuals to retrieve their cast ballots and alter their votes. The discretion WEC gives to local officials undermines the integrity of the ballot box and disrupts the uniform and transparent administration of elections throughout the Badger State.” 

RITE is asking the Waukesha County Circuit Court for immediate injunctive relief “prior to the start of absentee ballot voting for the November 8, 2022, election.” The election integrity group is suing on behalf of Wisconsin voter Nancy Kormanik and her right to fair and equal treatment. 

During the 2020 election, Wisconsin processed nearly 2 million absentee ballots statewide.

Victoria Marshall is a staff writer at The Federalist. Her writing has been featured in the New York Post, National Review, and Townhall. She graduated from Hillsdale College in May 2021 with a major in politics and a minor in journalism. Follow her on Twitter @vemrshll.


Maren Morris Has Zero Understanding Of Country Music Fans

Maren Morris Has Zero Understanding Of Country Music Fans

Country music singer Maren Morris has been popping up in the news quite a bit recently, and as is the case with most celebrities, the reason has zero to do with entertaining people.

Following her recent feud with Brittany Aldean, wherein the “My Church” singer attacked the wife of fellow country singer Jason Aldean for opposing the chemical and surgical mutilation of children’s bodies, Morris is making headlines yet again for saying that she may skip the upcoming Country Music Association Awards because she wouldn’t “feel comfortable going.”

“Honestly, I haven’t decided if I’m gonna go. I’m very honored that my record is nominated. But I don’t know if I feel [at] home there right now,” Morris said in an interview with the Los Angeles Times. “So many people I love will be in that room, and maybe I’ll make a game-time decision and go. But as of right now, I don’t feel comfortable going.”

The controversy between Morris and Aldean started after the latter posted a video reel on Instagram in late August showing herself putting on makeup with the caption, “I’d really like to thank my parents for not changing my gender when I went through my tomboy phase. I love this girly life.”

The innocent comments evoked the ire of Morris, who in a tweet called Aldean “a scumbag human” and “Insurrection Barbie,” referencing the Aldean couple’s previously expressed support for former President Donald Trump.

Not backing down in the face of an unhinged, left-wing mob, Aldean has since doubled down on her defense of minors, saying that “[a]dvocating for the genital mutilation of children under the disguise of love and calling it ‘gender affirming care,’ is one of the worst evils” and “children should not be allowed to make these life-changing decisions at such a young age.”

During her interview with the L.A. Times, Morris went on to defend her labeling of Aldean as “Insurrection Barbie,” claiming that the nickname is justified because the Aldeans “totally partook” in the “whole conspiracy theory peddling of Jan. 6.”

“I don’t have feelings of kindness when it comes to humans being made fun of for questioning their identity, especially kids,” she said. “The whole ‘When they go low, we go high’ thing doesn’t work with these people. Any resistance movement is not done with kind words. And there’s a lot worse things I could’ve called her.”

But the “Circles Around This Town” singer didn’t just limit her belligerent remarks to the Aldean family. Within the same interview, Morris also went out of her way to trash the country music industry as a whole, asserting that it’s “a very insidious culture of people feeling very comfortable being transphobic and homophobic and racist, and that they can wrap it in a joke and no one will ever call them out for it.”

“I hate feeling like I need to be the hall monitor of treating people like human beings in country music,” she whined, adding that it all “got worse — irreparable, almost” after Trump got elected in 2016.

“I think there are people in country music that want it to be niche,” Morris continued. “They don’t want it to expand. They don’t care about it becoming more inclusive. It’s theirs, and everyone else is an other, or woke, or whatever. That’s sad to me, because I feel like country music at its core is people’s real stories.”

Morris Can’t See Past Her Elitism

The most revealing aspect of Morris’s interview isn’t necessarily her feelings of discomfort with attending an upcoming awards show, but her slander of the country music industry and assertion that she sees herself as its “hall monitor.”

Similar to how Hollywood celebrities look down on middle America with utter disdain, Morris’s elitist mindset doesn’t allow her to comprehend how people could possibly see issues differently than she does, and ultimately, the idea that “they all must be evil” becomes the only logical explanation. Yes, the country music world encapsulates a different culture than those found in other genres and Hollywood. But it’s all for the better.

Country music is a realm filled with people who embrace traditional American values, such as a love for God and country. The human beings that fill the rows of George Strait and Miranda Lambert concerts are the same ones who would pull over on the side of the road to help you change a flat tire or ask how you’re doing when passing you on the sidewalk.

For many in the fandom, country music remains one of the last places to go to escape the secular, neo-Marxist rot plaguing so many other facets of American culture. But just like any other leftist, Morris can’t leave well enough alone.

To her, country music is simply a piece on a chessboard that needs to be ideologically conquered. In this view, it’s nothing but a backward, hillbilly-infested community that should be reprogrammed and perfected to suit the very pagan religion that convinces her chemically and surgically mutilating the bodies of minors is an act of kindness to be celebrated and encouraged.

Perhaps if Morris actually bothered to listen instead of demonize, she’d understand that many within the country music community whom she openly scorns actually sympathize with these children and pray that their parents get them the mental help they so clearly need rather than having their bodies destroyed beyond repair. But as is the case with most out-of-touch elitists, I wouldn’t hold my breath for her.

Shawn Fleetwood is a Staff Writer for The Federalist and a graduate of the University of Mary Washington. He also serves as a state content writer for Convention of States Action and his work has been featured in numerous outlets, including RealClearPolitics, RealClearHealth, and Conservative Review. Follow him on Twitter @ShawnFleetwood


Nord Stream pipeline blown up by France?

Nord Stream pipeline blown up by France?

Sabotage: The One World Government Is Destroying Energy Infrastructure and Food Supplies By 2nd Smartest Guy in the World | 27 Sept 2022 | The Cabal is doing their utmost to induce mass global food and energy insecurity, and then fold all of these schemes into their all-encompassing and perpetual post-human planetary lockdown in PSYOP-CLIMATE-CHANGE. All evidence now points to breaks in the Nord Stream pipeline being anything but accidental. A “disturbance” more a bombing has caused a massive rupture. Concurrent with PSYOP-UKRAINE-INVASION which induced this fraudulent narrative of energy scarcity in order to exacerbate PSYOP-HYPERINFLATION, there have been statistically impossible bombings, fires and other sabotage to American food processing plants (well over 100 facilities this year and growing)…

Lights out, ovens off: Europe preps for winter energy crisis | 26 Sept 2022 | As Europe heads into winter in the throes of an energy crisis [created by the WEF to hasten the arrival of the Great Reset], offices are getting chillier. Statues and historic buildings are going dark. Bakers who can’t afford to heat their ovens are talking about giving up, while fruit and vegetable growers face letting greenhouses stand idle. In poorer eastern Europe, people are stocking up on firewood, while in wealthier Germany, the wait for an energy-saving heat pump can take half a year. And businesses don’t know how much more they can cut back. The restaurants already run the grills no more than necessary and use motion detectors to turn off lights in storage, with some stores facing a 750% increase in electricity bills since the beginning of the year.

EU threatens foreign observers over Donbass referendums | 27 Sept 2022 | The EU will slap sanctions on anyone involved in referendums on joining Russia in the Donbass republics, as well as in Zaporozhye and Kherson regions, according to Peter Stano, a spokesman for the bloc’s foreign policy chief Josep Borrell. “There would be consequences for all people, who participate in the illegal, illegitimate referendums,” Stano warned on Tuesday, the fifth and final day of voting. Stano did not rule out the possibility of foreign observers, including EU citizens, also facing restrictions over any support they have given to the process. He said it would be up to member states to decide who falls under the sanctions regime.

White House Warns Russia of ‘Catastrophic’ Consequences Over Nuclear Weapons | 25 Sept 2022 | White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan on Sunday issued a warning to the Kremlin following recent statements by top Russian officials regarding the possible use of nuclear weapons. “Let me say it plainly: If Russia crosses this line, there will be catastrophic consequences for Russia,” Sullivan said on NBC’s Meet the Presson Sunday. Last week, Russian President Vladimir Putin issued a directive to partially mobilize Russia’s reserve forces and suggested Moscow would use all weapons in its arsenal. Former President Dmitry Medvedev, meanwhile, issued a more explicit threat about using nukes if Russia’s territorial integrity were threatened. “This is not a bluff,” Putin said during his speech. “And those who try to blackmail us with nuclear weapons should know that the weathervane can turn and point towards them.” But if nukes are used, the United States will respond, Sullivan warned.DoD

Wouldn’t Let Troops Wait for FDA-Approved Vaccine | 27 Sept 2022 | The Pentagon considered as far back as October 2021 offering service members the option of taking the FDA-approved vaccine versus the vaccine authorized for emergency use before facing any punishment, but ultimately decided against it, paving the way for thousands to be discharged from the military, according to documents obtained by Breitbart News. A senior defense official proposed in an October 20, 2021, action memo allowing service members who did not want to take the vaccine that was under Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) — known as the PfizerBioNTech COVID-19 vaccine — to wait instead for the FDA-approved vaccine — known as Comirnaty — before facing punishment for being unvaccinated… According to Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) recently, some military whistleblowers have claimed that vaccine vials at a military base were mislabeled “Comirnaty,” when their lot number appears on a CDC database listing EUA vaccine lot numbers. Johnson last month sent a letter to the DoD, FDA, and CDC demanding answers.

Doctor Turns Against Messenger RNA COVID-19 Vaccines, Calls for Global Pause | 27 Sept 2022 | A doctor who promoted COVID-19 vaccines is now calling for health authorities around the world to pause the administration of two of the most-widely utilized COVID-19 vaccines, saying that the benefits from the vaccines may not outweigh the risks. “There is more than enough evidence–I would say the evidence is overwhelming–to pause the rollout of the vaccine,” Dr. Aseem Malhotra, a British cardiologist and evidence-based medicine expert, told The Epoch Times. A paper from Malhotra detailing the evidence was published on Sept. 26. Among the citations is a recent reanalysis of the Pfizer and Moderna clinical trials that concluded that vaccinated trial participants were at higher risk of serious adverse events. He called the study a “smoking gun.” Malhotra also pointed to the lack of reduction in mortality or severe disease in the trials, which were completed in 2020.


SCRUM: Michael Cooper speaks on CPC polling results and voters’ trust in Pierre Poilievre

SCRUM: Michael Cooper speaks on CPC polling results and voters’ trust in Pierre Poilievre

The Conservative Party of Canada has been polling well recently, indicating increasing support for the party under the new leadership of Pierre Poilievre. In this interview from September 26, Michael Cooper, the Conservative MP for St. Albert—Edmonton gives his take on the recent successful polling results, as well as why he believes voters should trust the CPC.

Cooper has been the member of Parliament for the same riding, located in Alberta, since 2015. Prior to making his debut in politics, he studied at the University of Alberta.

William Diaz-Berthiaume asked:

We saw in a recent survey that Pierre Poilievre is crushing the Liberals with 40% of the vote, compared to only 32% [for the Liberals], therefore why do you think that is?”

Cooper was clear on his belief that the Liberal government has disappointed Canadians, saying they are a “failed” government.

“Look at the cost of living crisis,” he stated. “That is a direct consequence of failed liberal policies.”

Cooper also touched on the fact that there are certain conservatives who feel the CPC let them down during the pandemic. “The Conservatives were consistent in [their] opposition to punitive and unscientific vaccine mandates,” he said.

Watch this report for the rest of Cooper’s thoughts on the current Canadian political landscape.

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Joe Biden Accuses Vladimir Putin of Lying About ‘Deliberate Act of Sabotage’ of Nord Stream Pipelines

Joe Biden Accuses Vladimir Putin of Lying About ‘Deliberate Act of Sabotage’ of Nord Stream Pipelines

President Joe Biden delivered remarks at the White House on Friday and accused Russian President Vladimir Putin of lying about the damage that incapacitated the Nord Stream gas pipelines.

“It was a deliberate act of sabotage, and now the Russians are pumping out disinformation and lies,” Biden said.

The president finally made a statement in reaction to the pipeline after repeatedly ignoring reporters’ questions about it on Thursday.

Putin said Friday that the United States and its allies in the West sabotaged the pipeline.

“The sanctions were not enough for the Anglo-Saxons: they moved onto sabotage,” Putin said. “It is hard to believe but it is a fact that they organized the blasts on the Nord Stream international gas pipeline.”

But Biden urged Americans not to listen to Putin’s claims.

“When things calm down, we’re going to be sending divers down to find out exactly what happened. … Just don’t listen to what Putin is saying,” Biden said. “What he is saying, we know, is not true.”

The Nord Stream pipeline network provides natural gas from Russia to Germany, and both pipelines are leaking hundreds of millions of cubic meters of natural gas into the sea.

Dramatic photos and videos of churning water from the leaks demonstrate the significance of the impact on the pipelines. Both pipelines have been closed down:

Seismic monitors said they monitored explosive activity near the area where the leaks began occurring.


EXCLUSIVE – Jim Jordan Expresses Surprise at Ted Cruz’s Support for JCPA Media Cartel Bill

EXCLUSIVE – Jim Jordan Expresses Surprise at Ted Cruz’s Support for JCPA Media Cartel Bill

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), the ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee, appeared on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily with Alex Marlow today, laying into the Journalism Competition and Preservation Act (JCPA) and questioning why Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) is attempting to rescue the derided media cartel bill.

“I’m not sure why the Senator did that, I do plan to talk to him,” Rep. Jordan, who has opposed the media cartel bill since its inception over a year ago, told Breitbart News Daily host Alex Marlow.

“We call it the media cartel bill,” said Marlow. “It’s giving an antitrust exemption to media so they can collectively bargain with tech giants, and this will supposedly get them paid for their content, I think it’s going to be a payola scheme where Big Tech will pay off whatever outlets they like the most.”

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) (Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images)

“You said it right, Big Media is going to team up with Big Tech, and they’re going to come after conservative outlets getting the truth out there like you guys. Remember, the cartels that form get to define and determine the terms on who gets in,” said Jordan.

“So, do you think the New York Times and Washington Post and Google are going to want Breitbart to be in? In fact, Lina Khan who’s over at the FTC and who is going to administer all this, she’s said of Breitbart, ‘they’re out there putting out disinformation.’”

“This is all in line with what we saw in the runup to the 2020 election, where it wasn’t the FTC, but it was the FBI going to Big Tech and teaming up… to limit information to the people. This whole alliance between Big Government, Big Tech, and Big Media to keep we the people from getting the facts and the truth is a problem, and I see this [the JCPA] in that same vein.”

Jordan explained how some Republicans were swayed by lobbying efforts, which misrepresented the bill as support for struggling local newspapers as opposed to the national conglomerates that largely own them.

“Some of them get in by ‘oh, we want to help your small town newspaper,’ you know, the days when the newspaper actually covered the news and wasn’t just propaganda… So I think there’s some nostalgic feeling for that.”

“We had this hearing a little over a year on, we brought in Clay Travis and Glenn Greenwald. It was funny, as the hearing went on, there were even some people who would co-sponsor the bill who, during this hearing, ‘You know, I’m having second thoughts.’ Because we started to spell it out.”

“They define who’s professional news — that’s one of the terms. The bias they have against folks like you guys who are putting out the truth, the facts. Remember, this is the same kind of mindset that gave us the whole ‘disinformation governance board.’ This is that concept, in my mind.”

“It is a way to structure government, and create these cartels, where they’re going to go after the little guys, they’re going to define it so you can’t even get in the cartels, and then they’re going to go after you and make life even more difficult for us in the conservative movement.”

“We see this time and time again, we saw it in the runup to the 2020 election, we see it when they tried this ‘governance board’ with Nina Janckowicz. I think it’s a dangerous road to go down, that’s why we’ve opposed it so far.”

“Let’s hope this is not going to get through this congress, and then what happens on November 8th is what I think is going to happen, then we can make sure this kind of legislation doesn’t pass.”

Allum Bokhari is the senior technology correspondent at Breitbart News. He is the author of #DELETED: Big Tech’s Battle to Erase the Trump Movement and Steal The Election.




SGT Report Published September 29, 2022

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A hurricane in Florida and a hurricane in international financial markets; Bob Kudla and I discuss economic collapse, and the controller’s terrifying blueprint for humanity.

SourceSouth Australian Gov Criminal Organisation

Trump: DeSantis is Deep State

President Donald J. Trump on Thursday branded Ron DeSantis “an agent of the Deep State” upon learning that the governor had given the Federal Emergency Management Agency a chivalrous welcome to southwest Florida while ignoring reports of rogue FEMA agents looting the homes of displaced citizens.

A source in Trump’s NYC office told Real Raw News that a livid President Donald J. Trump called DeSantis “a cowardly, ineffectual governor” and “a really bad guy” for giving FEMA carte blanche in a state they both call home.

“Trump is fuming mad. He knows what FEMA’s done to this country,” our source said.

Trump and FEMA have had a contentious relationship. His own FEMA director, Brock Long, had tried to undermine Trump’s authority by painting him as a wild lunatic whose grasp on reality was questionable, at best. A quote attributed to Trump about using nuclear weapons to dissipate landfalling hurricanes was actually penned by Long, who seeded it to the media as if Trump had authored the words. The mainstream media, of course, had taken the bait. In 2019, Long again moved to sabotage Trump’s credibility in an event commonly referred to as “Sharpiegate.” As Hurricane Dorian, a powerful Cat 5 storm, sped toward the southeastern United States, President Trump on television showed a map projecting Dorian’s path inland. Someone, though, had at the last minute doctored the map with a Sharpie to include parts of Alabama—which was hundreds of miles from the storm’s cone of uncertainty—in Dorian’s path. The media ridiculed Trump, accusing him of making up his own science. Trump later learned that Brock Long had altered the map.

“It’s no secret Trump has no love of FEMA, but with what’s happening now, he’s blaming DeSantis as much as he’s blaming them. Yesterday, Trump had talks with his inner circle. He said DeSantis is either Deep State or a Deep State sympathizer,” our source said.

Trump, seeking an explanation, thrice tried to reach DeSantis by phone, but DeSantis did not return the calls. Trump, our source added, had extended an olive branch even though DeSantis had recently told his financial benefactors that “Trump was never worthy of being president.”

“What’s going on with FEMA is more important than you or me, Ron. You’re on TV smiling next to [FEMA director] Criswell while patriots in the military are keeping FEMA out of peoples’ homes. Get a backbone, get FEMA out,” Trump reportedly said in a voicemail.

In closing, our source said Trump is opening his wallet to help persons who lost homes to the storm.

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