Ouch, Diamondbacks catcher cracked in the nut sack… Twice

I think back to when Steve Yeager, my beloved catcher for my Dodgers “took one for the team”. I was in my early teens, and loved playing catcher, as I could catch pretty well, and throw pretty hard. Only problem was, if I was throwing to first base, it may have ended up in right field against the fence.
My girlfriend at the time was with me at my home, watching my Dodgers, acting like she cared, then the foul tip and the scream that even Vin SCULLY couldn’t hide happened.
Well…. Her sincere attention after even I screamed out led me to get some coaching so I could play short stop.
Back in the day, slow motion was really, um….. Nice??
Our love lasted but a year or so, but rest assured! My admiration and sympathy for Steve Yeager has NEVER waned!

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