Ottawa senior arrested, fined for honking

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The story I am presenting you with today is a bit of a shocking one. It perfectly sums up the situation in Canada right now.

Would you ever think that you would be roughed up and tossed around by the police for simply honking your horn?

Well, that is in fact what happened to an individual by the name of Gerald H. Charlebois, who lives just outside of Ottawa.

Gerald was fined $110 for unnecessary noise. This is unacceptable.

Gerald is retired now and focused on being a grandfather; he shouldn’t be forced to spend money to fight this fine. Beeping your horn in support of a trucker isn’t illegal. It happens every day, everywhere. 

David Anber, a lawyer with The Democracy Fund has agreed to take on this case and help Gerald fight this outrageous fine.

David knows what he’s doing. He’s been a lawyer in many fight the fines cases and he is helping the truckers who are being ticketed in Ottawa.

Please visit and donate today. Because of that partnership with The Democracy Fund, all donations there qualify for a charitable tax receipt.  

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