Ottawa Police just fined a protester $1,130 for writing “FREE TAMARA” in chalk!

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I’m here in Ottawa with a team of five Rebel News reporters, covering the peaceful freedom protests on Canada Day. It’s very exciting — it has the same jubilant feeling as the January trucker convoy. 

One of the peaceful protests took the form of a message, written in chalk, on the street: Free Tamara Lich. As you know, Tamara is the Metis grandma who helped lead that trucker convoy. She is currently being held in prison for the “crime” of posing for a selfie with another trucker activist. (I’m serious — that’s why she’s in jail. That’s the textbook definition of a political prisoner.)

Police pounced, and fined the man who wrote the chalk message a whopping $1,130!

Well, I guess he should count himself lucky that he wasn’t trampled by an RCMP horse, or shot by police like our reporter Alexa Lavoie was.

But we came prepared for this sort of abusive, punitive, political policing. And I’m pleased to say that The Democracy Fund charity has sent a team of lawyers to Ottawa this weekend to help protect civil liberties in cases just like this.

Seriously: a $1,130 fine for chalk on the road? The sort of thing children do, and is washed away by the rain?

This would be a joke if it weren’t indicative of something so deadly serious: the criminalization of peaceful protest in this country.

Trudeau is politicizing Canadian police and weaponizing them against his critics. The reason The Democracy Fund is fighting this case is we have to get these abusive, political fines thrown out of court and, where possible, deemed unconstitutional. It’s the chalk man today — it’s you and me tomorrow.

If you want to support The Democracy Fund, you can make a charitable donation on this page. 

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