Ottawa Antifa stages a protest against James Topp. And even they don’t know why!

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A small, loud, and par for the course, incomprehensible, group of Antifa protesters gathered near the National War Memorial in Ottawa. They were denouncing veteran James Topp as a “traitor” and a “fascist” according to some of the appalling signage on display.

But why? Is marching more than 4,300 km across Canada in the name of freedom a traitorous, fascist act? Well, yes — at least according those who comprise Antifa, who seem to consider freedom to be the new “F-word”.

How odd. And so it was that we sought clarification from these scholars, but were immediately subjected to a sonic assault ranging from screams to utterances of obscenities. Some also squeezed little rubber toy animals to convey their inexplicable ire. Isn’t that special? And one woman thought it was clever to answer our queries by sticking out her tongue and making… flatulent sounds. This is what happens when you enroll your kids in gender studies, folks.

In any event, we did try to get their side of the story. Too bad they were too juvenile and idiotic when it came to articulating their points. As usual…

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