Open Letter to Law Enforcement Personnel in US, UK, and Australia

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by Mary W Maxwell, LLB

Dear Law Enforcement Personnel,

I write to appeal to your soft side and also to your instinct for self-preservation.

My message, in a nutshell, is: Start to stand up for what’s right in your job description. Puh-leeze.

I am an old girl, leading a relatively sheltered life.  I do not have to spend my day, as you do, mixing with tough members of society, or expecting physical danger to one’s person at any moment. I appreciate that you may have reasons to want to avoid the subjects I bring up below but avoiding them is not really a wise choice by you.

Don’t ask me how it happened, but I got caught up as a sort of investigator in three matters. One is false flags. Another is pedophilia. Another is general corruption of government. Basically, I’m a nosey parker.

It’s now 2020, the Internet has been hot for two decades and you will have picked up on the three things I mentioned, courtesy of whistleblowers (including a few cops).  So, you must be apprehensive about the disconnect between the titles of your bosses and what they actually do.

They are there to protect society and to make the law work by arresting criminals. However, it is well understood that when a “big person” commits a crime the police’s job is to make sure he escapes arrest. At the very least, you know from your training at the Academy that when someone waves a VIP business card at you, you are supposed to say “Ok, Sir, that will be all.”

I don’t doubt that there’s the occasional VIP who really should be let off the hook, as he is performing an undercover job for society. Maybe that’s how you salve your conscience when you see the waving business card. But VIPs are less than 10% of the ones you let off.

The other 90% are some combination of upper-level drug dealers, paid politicians, racketeers in human trafficking, etc. Or they are just “the entitled” — high society people whom you are willing to defer to. We all do that; it’s natural. But, hey, we pay you to swallow your humility and nab them if they are hurting us.

False Flags

Let me run you through my three aforementioned experiences, starting with false flags. I have written books about the Boston Marathon bombing, the Sydney siege (hostages held in a cafe), and the Port Arthur massacre – a spree-killer type event.

I didn’t do much onsite sleuthing. I watched the court cases unfold and, being legally trained, could spot holes big enough to drive a truck through. Evidently, the message comes from On High, saying “Make sure So-and-So gets convicted and don’t allow any nay-saying witnesses to testify.”

The actual violent events, I can say for sure, were scripted far in advance. It is widely believed in Australia that the purpose of the 1996 massacre “by 28-year-old Martin Bryant” was to remove guns from all citizens. Prime Minster Howard had the relevant legislation in his pocket ready to spring. Actually, it cost the government a half-billion-dollar gun buyback!

The 2013 Boston event was meant to increase the general threat of terrorism and to blame a Muslim. “He did it for Allah, you know.” (Actually, he didn’t do it at all, though he – Jahar Tsarnaev – is on Death Row for it, thanks to an all-Oscar winning performance by the media and the DoJ.) Quite possibly the real purpose of the Marathon bombing was to have a dress rehearsal for martial law. It went beautifully.

I won’t take your time to discuss the 2014 cafe “siege” in Sydney. The final capture of the gunman took place at 2am Australian time, broadcast live in the US at noon, EST. Another Muslim, but from Iran.

Police involvement was heavy at all three scenes. I believe a cop (Sgt Andrew Fogarty) actually did the burning down of the cottage which had Martin Bryant in it. It also seems the police who shot 228 bullets into the boat where Jahar Tsarnaev was sleeping were meant to kill him. (Fancy failing with 228 rounds!) At the Sydney cafe, the storming in by police, complete with flashbangs, is what led to the deaths of Tori Johnson, Katrina Dawson, and Man Haron Monis.

This is not to say that I blame all cops. On the contrary, I feel sorry for any cops who had to play a silent part — they couldn’t very well stand around saying “I won’t play,” could they? When you are in battle, you have to follow orders.


This letter is addressed to The Blue in the UK as well as in US and Oz. So let’s start the pedophile topic with the famous cases of Jimmy Savile and Ted Heath. Neither of them ever suffered an arrest or even a “caution.” They abused children like mad. In many instances, reports of the crime did reach the Bobbie on the beat, or Scotland Yard. But that’s as far as it went.

At least one London ex-cop, Jon Wedger, has made a career of blowing the whistle.  He shows (on YouTube) how his effort were blocked.  In Mildura,  Australia an 80-year-old ex-cop, Denis Ryan, finally received a large pay-out recently for what he endured trying to bring pedophile priests to book.

Ryan would have gone to his grave unrequited but for the very public Royal Commission into Institutional Response to Child Sexual Abuse that ran from 2014 to 2017. He, and thousands of now-adult victims of child abuse, were allowed at least to air their stories.

The most famous of those was Fiona Barnett who also caused Australia to learn about MK-Ultra (the CA’s program of torture and mind control) and satanism. I point to the 1986 trial of the McMartin Daycare Centre as an example of their being excellent evidence to convict several pedo’s, but the word came down from On High (possibly from Rudi Giuliani who had earlier headed the Criminal Division of the DoJ). I imagine some cops were heartbroken by this.

Even today, despite huge publicity, pedophiles remain protected. Shane Dowling, Oz’s most gutsy investigative journalist (been to jail twice so far for contempt of court), has just published the book “Australia’s Protection Racket.” He names several judges as pedophiles at his website

General Government Corruption

I said that my third area of nosey-parkerism is government corruption. That’s not strictly true, insofar as I don’t really focus on the bribing of politicians to influence legislation.

The thing I get involved in is the broad issue of this letter, namely the fact that law is not enforced against big criminals. That could be pedophilia, drug-running, geo-engineering, or even war crimes. The US government is completely corrupt in those areas.

Is it police’s fault? Not in the first instance. I throw most of the blame at attorneys general, prosecutors, judges and at our elected representatives. Yet your job as police is called “law enforcement.” Members of the public don’t know all the tricks that are going on in government, but they can sense that you must be deferring – dare I say kowtowing – to the powerful.

We members of society have armed you with all kinds of weapons to do the job.  So why not just do it.

The PBA – Police Benevolent Associations

Of ourse you fell you can’t act because someone is telling you, however subtly, that it’s just not done. I bet you feel the squeeze every day from your PBA or similar union or guild. My guess is that they are not real unions, even if they do make a stink for pay raises.

Rather, they are the protectors of the powerful. They know it. They are not likely to deviate from that stance. But you can deviate. Granted, you might get your legs broken.  How about you start off with a lesser gesture than deviation – just withdraw from membership in the Benevolent Association. Far as I know, membership is not compulsory.

The Lockdown and All That

Right now, the public is waiting for the shoe to drop. We all have eyes and we all can see that fascist moves have taken place. Congress and other legislative bodies are not employing their usual discretion as to the constitutionality of new laws. They think they can order people to stay indoors, to accept a vaccination, and so forth.

A few days ago, London police were tasked with arresting a man who was speaking at Speakers Corner in Hyde Park. Possibly that has never happened before; Hyde Park is the very symbol of free speech.  (The arrestee, Dr Heiko Schoning, came over from Germany to say that the medical measures prescribed for Covid-19 are “inappropriate.”)

In Melbourne you can get hit with a fine over $1,000 for saying Boo. I pride myself on being able to advise the correct response to such blatantly illegitimate power plays. But I am pretty well stumped this time. The picture has changed: the bad guys – never mind if they are our governors – have new weapons of mass control.

One is the power to withhold food. The shops could all close. The roads could block delivery trucks. You, as cops, would be part of the enforcement of all that. Possibly, too, you will be asked to roundup sinners like myself that have been critical of the overlords.

At the beginning of this article I said I’d appeal to your instinct for self-preservation. Note that you will be as hungry as anyone else, and your family will, too.

The Seatbelt Analogy

I can hear some readers snickering at my foolishness in thinking we will lose our food supply. I am by no means sure of it but it is certainly an option.  The masses are going to want to challenge the lunatics who are taking over the world. (Listen to the God-wannabe, Klaus Schwab, at the World Economic Forum, he openly announces the takeover, calling it a “Reset.”)

So what do you do when you see that there might be trouble up the road?  You take precautions.  You plan ahead just in case.  Maybe you have driven for 30 years and never had a car crash, but you aren’t embarrassed about buckling a seatbelt, are you?

Same with this thing. It is wise to expect, and rather sooner than later, that “forces” are going to get very forceful. So what will be your stance? Will you do any crazy, cruel thing that you are instructed to do?  I think you will, because once the action starts you truly have no wiggle room.

But you have wiggle room now. Why not go show this “Open Letter” from Yours Truly, to friends and supervisors? Ask for a meeting to discuss it.  Ask if there’s any place where a cop should draw the line if told to do something that seems way out of the ordinary.

Your Soft Side

I mentioned that Denis Ryan got compensation for having to resign from the force in Victoria years ago, based on his frustration when trying to carry out law enforcement.

Even his closest buddies told him not to rock the boat regarding priests. He could see that the young boys were suffering and that their parents were going nuts from being called liars. I am sure you would have been in distress too.

However, there won’t be a big payout later for the suffering of tens of thousands of distressed cops. You won’t get satisfaction. (Dens Ryan was astonished when he got it!) If you want to deal with it, explore your soft side.  Don’t die of embarrassment raising the issue. Cruelty or brutality is not what you signed up for, is it?

There is still a right and wrong. Don’t listen to the pathetic idiots who tell you that human nature has changed.  Human nature is not in the habit of changing. The moral conscience is a biological entity. It will still be there. In fact, you law enforcers are a big part of influencing its fate.

Take a stand. You can do this.  You know you can do this.

Thanks for listening!

[Article updated]


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