Open Letter to Health Minister About Ivermectin — “One Dose is Normally Sufficient for Recovery”

[Editor’s note: This letter was sent to the minister by one of Gumshoe’s readers, RWA, and is published in part below. The references are at the bottom of the letter.]

The Hon. Greg Hunt, MP, Minister for Health

Dear Minister


I am a very healthy 74yo Australian male. I take great care with my diet which includes very few vitamins and mineral supplements. This ensures that I maintain my health, correct bodyweight & a strong immune system.

I am so healthy that I haven’t had a common cold for over 40 years and I haven’t needed to visit a doctor for some 5 years. This suddenly changed recently when I needed a prescription for two packs of Stromectol, the brand name for Ivermectin in Australia.


Stromectol is available as a pack of 4 tablets, each of which contains 3mg of Ivermectin. A Standard Single Dose of Stromectol consists of 1×3mg tablet per 15-20kg of patient body weight.

Currently, Stromectol is only available in Australia on prescription. The prescription system provides an important means to control those medications which are an asset to society but which could also be a hazard due to their characteristics and potentially adverse effects on the human body, especially if it is misused or abused.

The prescription system becomes a curse when it unnecessarily controls the availability of any benign medication which has a wide range of capabilities, some of which have yet to be discovered. Ivermectin is one such benign medication, and especially in the recently discovered ability of Ivermectin to control the novel Coronavirus.

I recently became aware of the efficacious capabilities of Ivermectin with COVID-19 which had been discovered through “off-label” experimentation by various doctors and medical experts throughout the world — especially in the USA. (“Off-label” is defined as medication that has yet to receive official approval from the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), the FDA (USA) or any similar sovereign authority for use regarding any particular disease.)

I have conducted a considerable amount of research and reading on numerous medical and pharmaceutical internet sites regarding Ivermectin. I have taken care to use websites that present only high-level information and which are not influenced by fake propaganda.

I am now very well versed in the capabilities of Ivermectin in association with COVID-19. Regardless of this knowledge, I am obliged to visit a doctor just to obtain a prescription for two packs of what is a benign medication.

In this instance, my doctor’s appointment has proven to be a futile and relatively expensive exercise.

The GP involved refused to issue a prescription for Ivermectin on the basis that it was not listed by the TGA on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) as being approved or appropriate for the control of COVID-19. It was apparent that this document was now imposing an unnecessary limitation on the availability of Ivermectin. It also proved to be the limit of this GP’s knowledge of Ivermectin in association with COVID-19. My more extensive knowledge in this regard was inconsequential in convincing this GP to provide me with a prescription for Ivermectin.

This is a ludicrous and unnecessarily dangerous situation especially when I know that Ivermectin is not only a benign medication, but am also absolutely certain about its ability to safely and successfully control the novel Coronavirus. If indeed there is any risk to my well-being by my use of Ivermectin, I am willing to take that risk. With my extensive knowledge of Ivermectin, I assess the risk to be far less than the risk of catching COVID-19, and far less than the danger to my health, my long-term well-being and my life that is posed by being infected with the Coronavirus.

There is an immediate need to alleviate this situation by re-registering Ivermectin as an over-the-counter (OTC) (non-prescription) medicine. This is discussed in more detail further below.

Further to the numerous medical and pharmaceutical internet sites that demonstrate the efficacy of Ivermectin in controlling COVID-19, the following off-label example is provided.

Dr Lauren Mickey — OFF-LABEL Example

I am personally familiar with one series of impressive results from phone conversations and emails exchanged with a Dr. Lauren Mickey.

Dr. Mickey of Louisiana, USA has successfully treated COVID-19 patients in off-label applications of Ivermectin. She has experienced 100% success rate, sometimes with patients who were so badly affected that they were about to call an ambulance.

Dr Mickey administers one Standard Single Dose of Ivermectin as soon as the patient has been diagnosed as being COVID-19 infected by a simple test (Covid lgG and/or IgM antibodies finger prick blood test).

One dose is normally sufficient for recovery. If it is not, another dose one week later will invariably cure the patient. A colleague of Dr Mickey’s has had similar success with an identical application of Ivermectin.

To date, Dr Mickey has experienced two patients whose breathing was so badly affected by COVID-19 when they approached her, that they were immediately provided with a Standard Single Dose of Ivermectin and admitted to hospital. There, they were provided with supplementary oxygen plus dose(s) of inhaled and/or oral corticosteroids. They recovered so quickly that they were discharged after only three days and shortly after were back at work!

Dr Mickey has stated that the only side-effect that she has observed was an occasional 12-24hr period of fever & sweating which was probably associated with the body and Ivermectin expelling the virus.

There are many more recent off-label reports in addition to those of Dr. Mickey which demonstrate the efficacy of Ivermectin in controlling COVID-19. These are available on the internet while some are identified below in the section titled References.

These recent additional reports contain details that are more general & less personal than those of Dr. Mickey. Nonetheless, they are very impressive regarding the success of Ivermectin in its off-label use against COVID-19 infection of hundreds, if not thousands of patients.


In this era of the deadly Coronavirus pandemic, the lack of immediately available Ivermectin is a potential death sentence, especially for the elderly. Immediate availability of Ivermectin in Australian Aged Care Homes would almost certainly have reduced the alarming death toll in the recent past or have totally eliminated it! (See Reference **8).

Considering my personal situation, I need Ivermectin on hand in the same way as I already have a bottle of over-the-counter disinfectant in my medicine cabinet. The disinfectant is to use immediately in case I accidentally cut myself. The Ivermectin is to use immediately in case I develop any COVID-19 symptoms, or if a test confirms that I am infected.

The chances are extremely high that I would become severely ill or even die if I was to drink the bottle of over-the-counter disinfectant. But the chances that I will become severely ill or die if I was to consume the one pack or even the two packs simultaneously of the prescription-only Ivermectin are absolutely NIL!

Overdose — No Consequence

Official records show that even a clinically-controlled 10x “overdose” was of no consequence. There have never been any reported deaths with its use or even its abuse.

The possibilities are also reasonably high that I will become severely ill or even die if I DON’T take a Standard Single Dose of Ivermectin in a timely fashion, especially given my age of 74 years.

In support of my earlier suggestion (above) to re-register Ivermectin as an OTC (non-prescription) medicine, I recommend that as a health precaution, Ivermectin should be on hand for every resident of Australia who is 5 years of age or older & who weighs 15kg or more. These limitations have been copied from the Stromectol (Ivermectin) Product Information Sheet.

…Once an individual is infected, it is certain that the earlier that one Standard Single Dose is taken, the better the results and the shorter the time for recovery. Ivermectin is beneficial, even if it is taken when an individual has become so sick with the virus that he/she needs to be admitted into the hospital and placed on a ventilator and/or supplemental oxygen.

If an individual who has incorrectly assumed that his/her symptoms are suggesting that infection by COVID-19 has just occurred and there is no test available to quickly confirm this, there is no drawback from taking a Standard Single Dose of Ivermectin at that moment — i.e., it is not detrimental to take Ivermectin even when it has no disease to fight. It is no different from taking an aspirin when there is no headache.

There is absolutely NO DOUBT that Ivermectin is extremely successful in supporting recovery from COVID-19 infection!

[Editor’s note: RWA then provided the minister with a detailed plan as to how to identify clusters, and suggestions on Ivermectin distribution etc., that address issues outside the efficacy of Ivermectin. To continue…]


I strongly recommend that The Minister IMMEDIATELY completes the following actions:

• Re-register Ivermectin as an OTC (non-prescription) medicine.

[Editor’s note: The author then outlines practical distribution and cautionary steps. To continue…]

• Determines how the Recommendations above are to be promoted to the Australian public eg advertising via the media: TV, radio, social media, billboards, newspapers, etc.

• Considers the possibility of compensation from the Australian Government to the developer(s) of the COVID-19 vaccination(s). The developers would probably be financially disadvantaged by the availability and success of Ivermectin, due to a potentially decreased demand for their product… This would probably be cheaper than the cost in making the numerous and expensive payments such as JobSeeker, JobKeeper and others associated with the current lockdown procedures.

[This is an interesting suggestion (re compensation) especially as it appears we are in the midst of a campaign to silence therapeutics in favour of vaccines. To continue…)

Hon. Minister Greg Hunt

Incompetence or Corruption

With so much evidence provided above as to the relatively simple solution to the current COVID-19 crisis, any procrastination in not adopting the suggested procedures is likely to be interpreted by the Australian voting public as follows:

• A lack of competence in the Australian Government in that it is incapable of immediately initiating the Recommendations (above) that will rapidly improve the current devastating lockdown situation.


• The possible existence of corruption or vested interests and/or a conflict of interest within the Australian Government — in that certain Government officials are unreasonably restricting the use of Ivermectin. This restriction could result in an eventual financial advantage to the company/companies that are developing any COVID-19 vaccination or any associated organisation or similar entity. This could be a possible benefit to the Government as a whole or to certain Government officials who have been providing Government protection to the subject company/companies by enforcing non utilization of Ivermectin, and who has or will be rewarded by the subject company/companies with gifts, financial support of the Liberal-National Coalition, etc.

Yours faithfully


[Name and contact details provided]


Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) | Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA)


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**6 & **2: (in Spanish):ÓN-TERAPÉUTICA-PARA-COVID-19-02.05.20e-Gustavo-Aguirre-Chang.pdf

Phone calls & emails between Author and Dr Mickey of 20 Aug 2020 et seq.

August 30, 2020


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