NZ government seeks guardianship of baby after parents refuse vaxxed blood transfusion

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The New Zealand government is demanding temporary guardianship of the 4-month-old so they can authorise the use of vaccinated blood for the boy who needs heart surgery.

This is despite the fact that the boy’s parents have found unvaccinated people willing to donate blood to their child.

Doctors have insisted the child must receive blood from the NZ Blood Service or be removed by authorities.

But the parents have said they were “extremely concerned” that blood donated by people who had the Covid-19 vaccine might adversely affect their baby.

Dr Mike Shepherd, Te Whatu Ora’s Auckland interim director, said the government was seeking to remove the child from his parents “with the best interests of the child in mind”.

Te Whatu Ora’s lawyer Paul White said it was urgent to have the matter heard as soon as possible as “with every heartbeat it is potentially causing further damage to his heart”.

But the family’s lawyer, Sue Grey, slammed authorities, claiming they had not even considered her clients’ suggestion to use blood from unvaccinated people.

The baby’s mother told reporters: “We won’t stand down … it doesn’t only affect [my baby], it affects everyone.”

Experts have said there was no risk to the child from vaccinated blood.

The matter is set to be heard at the High Court in Auckland on December 6.

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