NYC teachers fight back over vax mandate firings — three judges own Pfizer stock

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The case has had some hiccups. The first two judges were forced to recuse themselves due to conflicts of interest.

The judges owned thousands of dollars worth of Pfizer stock.

According to financial disclosure records, the third and current judge, Naomi Reice Buchwald, owns no less than $250,000 worth of Pfizer stock but is refusing to recuse herself.

Rebel spoke to the New York City teacher leading the case against the mandates, Michael Kane.

Kane, a special education teacher for 14 years, was fired for being unvaccinated.

There are thousands of teachers in New York just like Michael Kane, who aren’t in school anymore teaching their students. This has put a giant strain on the school system and therefore New York’s children.

Due to the staffing shortage, Kane explained to Rebel News that the City has put school district administrators in the class room to do the job of teachers.

“Some of these people have never taught children, or haven’t taught children in 10 or 20 years.”

This isn’t the first time that Kane sued New York City because of COVID policy.

In the beginning of COVID he sued over the testing requirement for teachers.

Kane explained to Rebel News that the company carrying out COVID testing in NYC was Fulgent Genetics, and while they hopped on testing during the COVID crisis, their “real bread and butter” was genetic data mining.

Kane ultimately won the case which forced Fulgent Genetics to destroy all genetic specimens after the COVID test came back positive or negative.

Rebel News reporter Jeremy Loffredo asked New Yorkers in New York City’s Thompkins Square Park if unvaccinated teachers should get their jobs back, and surprisingly many said said they should.

“Let them work,” one New Yorker said. “If they don’t want to put it in their body then they shouldn’t have to put it in their body. We should let them teach.”

“They deserve their jobs,” another said.

“They should not only get their jobs back but they should get a raise,” one New Yorker argued.

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