Notes on SCOTUS, Giuliani, Biden and the CCP


by G5

The commencement of every totalitarian enslavement was never the will of the majority. They are not that stupid as to trust that which could never be trusted or even believed.

It has always been an opportunistic fraud of the majority by the front end minority. Always with the conflation of propaganda media. Always lateralized with meaningless and ridiculous diversions, elevated to intellectualized and moralized prominence. The fooled are the awoken and the awake are the fools.

Roberts has taken SCOTUS to secret ballots. Non-transparency is a two-edged sword. The House confirming Trump’s Presidency after The College event of 14 November 2020, is more the gambit. Amid all the desperations and deceptions: we now find that the childishly hackable Dominion System was hacked by Kool Kids at Google, converting some six million Trump votes to Biden.

In the real world: there is little doubt that not only did Trump retain The Executive by a majority of some 410 to about 100, but also won both The Senate and The House. The Runoffs of 5 January 2021, are a consequence of fraud. Not because seats were in balance.

If Trump did not correctly act in 2017; the game will never be revisited by the fox among the chickens. Converting America; and indeed The West; to an underground reminiscent of the pains of The Eastern Bloc is daunting at the least.

Biden–CCP Links

I have sighted Intel Files that link The Biden Consortium to The Chinese Communist Party; among others; as well as Mafia characters from both China, the broader Asia, and Russia. The links are not because The Biden Consortium are such upstanding people.

The Usual Suspects fronting for their Owners and Handlers are from; Intel, US Treasury FinCen, and Securities Commission Files.

Western Union, New York Mellon, J.P. Morgan Chase, Barclays, Wells Fargo, Standard Chartered, HSBC, Habib, Banco Espirito, Banesco, Citibank, Chartered, Deutsche, State Street, China Investment Corp., Arab, 1 Malaysian Development Berhad, Goldmans, US Fed, ABLV, WCM, Societe Generale, BNP Paribas, PrivatBank, SberBank (Clinton link) etc. Fines in the billions amount to nothing. Agreements amount to nothing.  Sanctions amount to nothing. The Black Economy being larger than The World GDP. Underwritten and protected by The World GDP.

The Drug, Arms, Genocide, Murder, Extortion, Slavery, Paedophile, Pillage and Plunder Industries, loom large to the sane. As the insane focus on the ridiculous diversions to which they have been focussed. Indeed 1775 would need to be revisited, should the steal be postured as a reality.

Communism (Utopian Socialism) is the insertion of weaponized and further bought Government, and influencers, into the Mafia Oligarch Industry. The enhanced Enemy Within.

Kolomoisky, Deripaska (also linked to CIA Songbird (traitor McCain III), Mogilevich, Firtash, being the leading Russian players.

Not surprisingly; apart from the usual (Dem-controlled) entry points of New York and California; The Biden Camp’s bailiwick of Delaware stands large.


Oh, look at what just happened last Friday.

CJ Roberts having a rare epiphany; just reallocated the AJs to new assignments. If they can’t make immediate orders on matters, they can send it immediately to the full bench of nine.

MI belongs to Kavanaugh.

WI belongs to ACB.

PA belongs to Alito.

GA belongs to Thomas.

All the current pivotal states defrauded by The Biden Dem Political Sect.

But more interestingly; each of the above four AJs, were falsely accused and attacked in front of the world; in fake confirmation hearings by champions of The Dem Sect. Even ACB was quizzed in front of her children and the world, as to whether or not she was hiding sexual improprieties of the past.

One of the greatest mouths-in-chief was none other than the Jamaican born, Indian Fraudster, Dumbala Harris. LBJ and WJC were not impeached for turning The Oval Office into a bordello… of course not. Blythe’s (Clinton) articles concerned the Obstruction of Justice. As he was leaving office, the matter sat on The Senate Floor.

Nixon and Agnew were chased out to allow Warren Commission Ford and Banking Rockefeller, to occupy under The 25th., pardon The GHWB CIA JFK Coup players, block investigations (Church, Pike, House Assassinations Committee, phony Rockefeller Committee) and steal as expected.

Parallels with: Whitlam in Australia, Kirk in New Zealand, Diem in Vietnam, etc.

The Dem Sect has been irrelevant and a pestilence since before they began protecting the slavery they caused.

Giuliani and Others

I have repeatedly warned about Giuliani. He represents himself and not; Trump, The RNC, The GOP, nor any individual groups. The affidavits he flashes are derived from court filings to date.

The cases thrown out by Obama judges should never have been filed. The real cases are proceeding. Not as propaganda news relates.

Giuliani is the alleged conservative version of Maddow… Tomorrow; it’s happening… tomorrow… Giuliani, Powell et al could well be thought of as fronting The Dem Sect. They leaked the Intel raid in Frankfurt, and are damaging affidavit evidence.

Giuliani’s theatric Ukraine adventure returned NOTHING. Trump was fully appraised by Intel. Hunter’s laptop was in Intel’s hands, the day it hit the repair shop. As with The Weiner Laptop: The FBI theatrics was an attempt to hide evidence and spin a narrative.

Surely you don’t believe that the DOJ-FBI actually represents some mythology concerning the power base, and in the interests of The People. It is a weaponized sub-division of Deep State and has been so since the astonishingly corrupt Hoover, began commanding it. And beyond the power struggle that put him, LBJ, and his wife, to rest.

And of course, Truman’s invention of Donovan’s privately owned CIA, has always been what it always was. And who could disavow the great works of other Dem Sect puppets; Wilson for The Fed (stability indeed) and the equal privately owned reconfigured IRS.

Carlson wanted [Sidney] Powell on his programme to expose them. He walks a very thin line at The Trojan Horse Fox and is not a closet TDS practitioner. And has not turned. She ran from the interview citing workload. Not so.

Giuliani had Sidney Powell deliver a narrative to Trump, who in turn promoted her to the public. She; as the others at that absurd press conference, represent no one but themselves. Look at what purported to be Trump’s senior legal advisors. Recall those acting for Trump at the polished turd impeachment. Do they of the past resemble anything on Giuliani’s podium?

Reversal of Fortune, Harvard Emeritus Doershiwitz kissed arse to be at the great impeachment. Qualified…No. His offering was a waste of time student delivery. He promised to mend his ways and speak truthfully about Trump in the future. Parting lip service has occurred. He wanted to be the only lawyer in US history to have appeared in three impeachments; Nixon, Blythe, and Trump.

Giuliani is a horrendous baggage carrier. Currently protected by The Fourth Estate, because the fool and his theatric cohorts provide enemy ammunition. He was on The HRC NY Senate fraud affair. His hands are far from clean.

They are sound assets for the desperate Dem Sect.

Dorsey and The Zuck will be dealt with in due course. Not only the duplicity of Publisher or Platform but that of the ownership of names and titles. As I have written: s230 triggering a demolition of Big Tech; part II; will deliver the internal ructions which will civilize them.

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