Notes About Guiliani, Bidengate, HRC and SVR

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by G5

[Editor’s note: We posted “Rudy Guiliani on Joe Biden’s 30 Year Crime Spree” the other day. Commenter TV also had things to say about Rudi. This is back from G5.]

Giuliani is fed by Intel. Nothing original. But he feeds an audience.

To be polite: Giuliani is a leaker, a liar, and an inventive sensationalist.

As OBL (Tim Osman) was dead before he was ‘killed’, Giuliani has no ‘reputation’ beyond the six o’clock news.

He has patched in Huntergate with The Laptop Affair, and Bobulinski on the side. He drips selective info he is fed. An Assange and Snowden character. Trips to Ukraine and his big personal research are meaningless.

Do you think he has entre at Yasenevo.

The Intel Reports were from April 2019. Not from The FBI of December 2019. I read them.

All Intel releases were staged.

SVR has had them all tapped for many years [Foreign Intelligence Service, Russia].  He also has a bad habit of projecting, instead of following lines.

Have you noticed Orange has had him on the outer since he started The Ukraine Affair last year? On the night of 8 November, 2016 Giuliani was standing below right of the stage, and Orange summoned him to come forward. He didn’t.

He pushed to be one of The Trump Defence Managers at The Impeachment and was denied. Giuliani has baggage from the mayor of New York. He is freelance in The Dem Camp.

His reputation is flowing with the wind, leaking and dripping for paid sensationalism. He has no reputation to protect.

Bidengate is a monumental part of The Corrupt History of The US. And there is so much from which to choose.

It has affected the entire alleged Free World.

With Trump returned with control of all Three Constitutional Branches, the task is monumental. If not: the game is lost.

The Election

The forthcoming election to be determined by The People, against those who vote against Trump, together with the size of the institutionalized Dem voter fraud.

SCOTUS is ready and CJ Roberts has been disarmed as a disguised blackmailing activist.

An indication will be delivered on the evening of 3/11/2020. From there the games will begin.

HRC’s 37 years in public office, is outperformed by Joe Biden’s 47 years of equal corruption. As HRC was unelectable against a nonpolitical, non-Deep State, noncorrupt, non Totalitarian, owned puppet, the same equation presents against Biden.

Should Biden steal The Executive on 3 November 2020, Mexico will complete The Wall, to protect itself. Except for the one way gate from the south to the north.

HRC has been appointed to The Electoral College for The State of New York. Some states allow them to decide for that state. Others require that they vote in accord to the popular vote. Irrespective: HRC is the champion who says she will vote Democrat no matter what. Hardly in accord to The Constitution, but definitely in accord to a psychopath.

To suggest The US, therefore The West has major problems, is an understatement.

Big Tech: The real issue is the removal of s.230 of The FCA, which has allowed Big Tech to monopolize and damage The 1st. US v Google.

Campaign Ads


They either get it or they don’t. There is no education. The sane have lost patience.

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