Nolte: Establishment Failures at National Review Trash Breitbart Readers

You can kind of tell where the establishment failures at National Review are headed when, in a single piece, they smear the everyday readers here at Breitbart News and President Trump in the same lame-ass editorial.

Little desperate methinks. Little obvious. I’m thinking the editorial meeting went something like this…

Hey, let’s write an editorial that might get us some invites on CNNLOL or MSNBC. We really need to do that. We really need to do something. Seriously, guys, something-anything.

Any ideas?

We should definitely trash Trump. They love that. Nothing proves our Vichy bona fides more than that.

What about Breitbart?

What did Breitbart do wrong?

Does it matter?

Well, the last time we trashed Breitbart we got caught not providing examples. We probably shouldn’t do that again. We looked pretty desperate.

How about their commenters?

Come on, those are everyday people. Do we really want to attack everyday Americans?



Of course we do!

We love trashing everyday Americans. Why do you think we brought Kevin Williamson back after he tried to sell out to the Atlantic.

Okay, so we’ll trash Trump and Breitbart readers. And then we’ll send it to Jeff Zucker with that picture of me with my lips on his ass.

Is that real? I thought that was an urban legend.

Yeah, remember, it was right after the “Against Trump” edition. We were both drunk and he promised me a pundit contract.

What happened to the contract?

He said he didn’t remember.

But you have the photo.

I know.

So what makes you think the photo will work this time if the actual ass-kiss didn’t last time?

It’s all about proving you’re willing to debase yourself to these guys.

And if this doesn’t work?

Williamson’s gunna join Black Lives Matter, I’m going to identify as a woman, and we’ll start admitting again that Jonah Goldberg used to work here.

What happened to all that Google money?

What Google money?

The money from Google. All that money.

I don’t know what you’re talking about. There is no Google money.


There is no Google money.

You were dancing all over the office showing off the check.

Stop talking about the Google money we never received.

Oh, hey, Mitt just sent me a DM! It’s a photo, look!

Whose ass are his lips on?

I think his own.

And the result of this meeting is declaring Trump’s contesting of a shady presidential election “disgraceful.”

The Rudy Giuliani–led press conference at the RNC yesterday was the most outlandish and irresponsible performance ever by a group of lawyers representing a president of the United States.

If Giuliani’s charge of a “national conspiracy” to produce fraudulent votes in Democratic cities around the country wasn’t far-fetched enough, attorney Sidney Powell ratcheted it up with the allegation that Communist-designed election machinery was used to change the vote from a Trump landslide to a narrow Biden victory.

This is lawyering worthy of the comments section of Breitbart News.

Can someone explain to me the point of this editorial, if it’s not the ass-kiss, as described above?

Other than proving their fealty to the corporate media, it makes ZERO sense to me.

They can’t wait two weeks to fire off this hot mess of Fauntleroy-indignation?

Sidney Powell says she has the goods, says she is not going to present evidence anywhere but in a court of law; she has about two weeks to do it before certification begins… Why can’t this Fauntleroy-indignation wait until she presents her case, presents her evidence?

If Powell doesn’t come up with the goods in the next two weeks, I’ll write an editorial like this, because she’ll be our own Michael Avenatti, our own Adam Schiff.

But why can’t these pathetic clowns give this woman the ten to 14 days she asked for to put her case together before smearing her like a bunch of frat boys?

We all know why… Because they are just little, squealing, Fauntleroy, Catholic School boy-bashing, elitist, sellout, elbow-patched gerbils whose overbearing mothers convinced them they might someday be men.

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