No National Politician Will Go There – However, at Least Tucker Carlson Does

One of the most frustrating aspects to our current state of national affairs is that no politician will articulate the basic commonsense problem, and how the people handling Joe Biden are directly to blame for it.  Instead, DC and national politicians talk around it, all of them pretending not to know.

However, at least there is one voice in Tucker Carlson who articulates the economic and political reality in a framework that most can understand.

In his opening monologue tonight, Carlson succinctly points out how the current state of economic anxiety is directly the result of Joe Biden chasing the Green New Deal initiatives that progressive, communist democrats have advocated for years.  WATCH:


The energy crisis is intentional.  The food crisis is intentional.  Everything that is happening domestically in our economic crisis is happening intentionally.  All of the problems are the result of intentional policy decisions.


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