NIH Director Cannot Explain Why Florida Has Lowest COVID Infection Rate in Nation, Apparently The Result Defies The Acceptable Science

National Institutes of Health Director Dr. Francis Collins appeared on Fox News today to push the panic button around the latest COVID variant, Omicron.  Dr. Collins was pushing the vaccine hard as he explained why Americans need to be concerned about the latest variant.

Vaccines, and now double and triple booster shots, are the acceptable scientific approach to combating the arriving Omicron variant, which Collins’ protege Dr. Fauci has warned could lead to a new round of lockdowns, mask mandates and social distancing requirements from federal and state officials.

However, in the face of all the panic promotion, NIH Director Collins was asked to reconcile why Florida, the most open and free state in the nation – that does not have any COVID mandates in place, would also have the lowest infection rate in the country.   Dr. Collins refused to answer the question, and instead repeated his rehearsed talking points.

It is very telling -in a weird way- how the NIH Director would not answer the question. In fact, he avoided it completely.  WATCH (Prompted):

[embedded content]


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