NH Rally: Trump Says D.C. Police Took ‘Tremendous abuse’ From Rioters, Calls Biden A ‘puppet’





President Donald Trump was in his element Friday at a rally in New Hampshire telling voters that Democrats have fanned the flames of division in America. The President said the actions taken by the liberal leftist lawmakers, including the failure of presidential nominee Joe Biden to stand for law and order, are to blame for the escalation in violence across the country.

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Trump recalled how lawmakers and attendees of the RNC event were harassed by rioters shortly after delivering his acceptance speech.

Trump didn’t hesitate to give Biden a new nick name, calling him “a puppet” of the radical left, adding that leftist lawmakers don’t “even know he’s alive.” 

“I believe I have the honor of running against the worst candidate ever put up by the Democratic Party,” said Trump, slamming Biden at the rally.

“Today’s Democratic Party is filled with hate,” said Trump, who pointed out the most lawless cities and states in America are run by Democrats. “Just look at Biden supporters screaming at people at the street with unhinged, manic rage.”

“They are not protesters,” he said. Trump noted that they are “anarchists, agitators, rioters, looters..It has nothing to do with George Floyd. They have no idea who he is. If you ask them ‘Who’s George Floyd?’ they say, ‘I don’t know.’”

Floyd, who was killed during an arrest by a Minneapolis police officer who had his knee on Flyod’s neck and back. The incident lasted eight minutes and after his death nationwide protests have continued throughout the nation.


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