New peer-reviewed research debunks outdated science used to justify medical transitioning and affirmative care for youths

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Today, I bring you a sit-down interview with one of three American doctors whose new peer-reviewed research has found massive flaws in the science routinely used to justify affirmative care and the medical transitioning of gender dysphoric youth.

Psychiatrist Dr. Stephen Levine, who previously founded a gender identity clinic at Case Western Reserve University in Ohio, and who specializes in human sexual problems, says while it’s clear we can make a female’s body more masculine and a male’s body more feminine, the question is whether or not we should we be transitioning our youth today.

“We’re taking the breasts off of girls before they’ve had their breasts touched in a romantic relationship, before they’ve wanted to have a baby, before they’ve conceptualized that maybe they would want to breastfeed,” added Dr. Levine. 

In their peer-reviewed article titled “The Myth of ‘Reliable Research’ in Pediatric Gender Medicine: A critical evaluation of the Dutch Studies—and research that has followed,” Dr. Levine, Dr. E. Abbruzzese, and Dr. Julia Mason discuss “the significant risk of harm that the Dutch research exposed, as well as the lack of applicability of the Dutch protocol to the currently escalating incidence of adolescent-onset, non-binary, psychiatrically challenged youth, who are preponderantly natal females.”

While countries like Finland and Sweden have recently started to prioritize psychiatric care over immediate affirmative care and medical transitioning for youth suffering from gender dysphoria, North America’s gender practices still favour the affirmation of the findings of the Dutch protocol studies.

Click to watch the full interview as Dr. Levine highlights the serious problems with the two Dutch studies widely being used to justify the medical sterilization and mutilation of an increasing amount of youth today.

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