New Biden Kamala ad steals ‘Make America Great Again’ theme…

Just remember Nov 3, 2016, 5:00pm.
“Trump has no path to 270.”
The current polls are designed to:
1) Make people feel like they are not complete idiots to vote for democrats (latest CNN poll has biden ahead by double digits nationally and in all important states)
2) Demoralize Trump supporters.

I choose to believe my eyes like I did in 2016.
30,000 people showing up to Trump rallies shouting “we love you!” versus biden’s 10 people in circles. Biden/Harris are using the virus as a way to hide the lack of enthusiasm, among other things. They are also using covid to characterize Trump as an evil, heartless dictator for taking off his mask and telling people to not let covid rule their lives after he PROVED first-hand that the hysteria is a hoax. They conveniently don’t report on Pelosi, Cuomo, Feinstein, and Fauci all caught on camera not wearing masks when they thought no one was looking, violating their own mandates they love to preach to others.

How dare President Trump undermine the greatest election manipulation tool in the history of elections!


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