Nationwide Rally – 21st Aug, Rundle Park Adelaide

Saturday August 21st, 12 noon, we rally with the rest of the nation to protest the lockdowns and restrictions that are crippling lives and tearing families apart.

We have zero cases in South Australia yet the Royal Show is cancelled while football goes ahead and people of all ages are gagging in their masks.


Let this be the biggest show of solidarity we have ever had!

Let’s send our message loud and clear that we do not buy into the fear and manipulation driving the experimental shot agenda!

Bring everyone you know to this safe and welcoming space for community support and to take our messages to the streets!

Download the flyer, stick it on a USB / print it out (its A5) and share with those you know & the businesses you support.  Lets letterbox drop our neighbourhoods.  If you are unable to print it out, we have a limited supply of flyers we have already printed.  Drop a line to  ‘‘  if you would like some.





Re: Nationwide Rally – 21st Aug, Rundle Park Adelaide 

From on 2021-08-13 19:53
Oh good! another rally. That should fix everything, just like the last 12 that have achieved absolutely diddly squat.
What’s the definition of insanity…..
I don’t even get what the ‘theory’ is behind holding these rallies anymore? In theory if we get enough people, and turn up enough times, the child trafficking criminals posing as our governments will magically start to listen and care?
The reality is we’re being now knowingly ruled over and dictated to by psychotic cult members. No amount of protesting the fiction will end it.
They feed off the energy of the protests too, and it’s comforting to them. Because they know the people are still fucking clueless about how to restore Divine and Natural lore and be the loving conscious co-creators that we are divinely designed to be.
Whether people are complying with or resisting the Satanic States narrative, people are still giving their energy to the SS narrative.
Only when we come together in standing with the true lawful sovereignty of The First Nations are we going to have any power to effect real change. Together we have the power to re-imagine everything.
Until then everyone is basically just going through pointless motions pretending they are taking action, while actually doing nothing but maintaining the satanic status quo.
But please, carry on humanity, this should end well
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