Naked Hunter Biden sighting in NYC…

I don’t think so. I had that Daisy pump BB gun as a kid. I got it on Christmas Day just like Ralphie got his: “Say, what’s that behind the drape? Better go see…”

It’s one of my favorite memories, and it’s my second coolest Christmas gift ever, second only to my Lionel train set. I loved that flip up peep sight. I had a sand trap in my basement and spent hours with it.

You don’t pump a BB gun like a pellet gun. It’s spring loaded. You cock it. Once. Are you thinking of a Crosman pellet gun?

Not sure about a block away, either. It was a couple of years later, and I can tell you that a down angle shot from a third floor attic will drop about 2-1/2 feet to the sidewalk across the street. I was aiming at the neighborhood bully’s butt, and it only hit him in the ankle. I know I hit him because of his loud un-Disney-like language.

Unfortunately, my dad caught me doing it. My BB gun days were over in an instant, and deservedly so, but it was the best shot I ever made with that BB gun.


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