Muslim Tells Judge He’ll Never Rise for Him, Judge’s 4 Words Send Him to His Feet

Muslim in court
Photo via Israel Advocacy Movement YouTube Video Screenshot

Ricardo McFarlane is an interesting fellow, but for all the wrong reasons.

After being accused of praying for the London Bridge terrorists, an investigation determined that Ricardo possessed a fake Spanish identification card. Because of this, Ricardo has been in a London jail for the last six months.

The story gets even more interesting, however.

Not only was this man seen with several terrorists on the Channel Four documentary, the “Jihadi Next Door,” but he had some interesting behavior when he was in the Southwark Crown Court. He told the usher that he would not stand for “any man,” including the judge.

However, the magistrate got the last laugh when he stated, “If Mr. McFarlane isn’t going to treat this court with respect then I might have to deal with him differently than to release him on bail.”

McFarlane changed his tune immediately after that.

In an effort to save face, McFarlane decided to stand throughout the trial rather than ever taking a seat. 

There is no question that the honorable Martin Beddoe is a no-nonsense type of judge.

Even after McFarlane’s defense attorney Roy Hedlam noted how he believed he was only required to bow down to Allah and no one else, Judge Beddoe held firm.

The judge noted that he didn’t have a religious court, but a secular court that was devoted to the laws of Great Britain, and he insisted that the defendant give his court the respect that it deserved.

McFarlane has also been known to be an associate of the terrorist organization, known as Muslims Against Crusades.

He was accused of breaking an ASBO law last March 25th after he attempted to promote Sharia law with a group of 20 other Muslims.

He and the rest of this group set up a stall attempting to promote the imposition of strict Islamic laws across the U.K.

However, the charge was ultimately dismissed after the key witness against him, a Muslim security guard from the Topshop neighborhood, had to fly out of the U.K. to Morocco in order to attend to a “family emergency.”

Not only did the guard fail to identify McFarlane, but they failed to find any indication that he tried to cross borders with that bogus card.

However, the original judge found it “very odd” that he possessed the bogus ID in the first place, and that is how he got sentenced to six months in jail.

Either way, if McFarlane doesn’t learn how to respect any of the judges that he comes across, he won’t be getting out of jail anytime soon.  


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