MSM admits Kamala was ‘on defense’ all night…

Kamla not a natural born American citizen as defined in Constitution. Speculation too if she can even be called native born.

One lie after the other with her

Born in US of an Indian mother and a Caribbean father, neither of whom applied for US citizenship while they were here under student visa status at University in California. Dad left family and returned home. Mom picked-up and moved herself and girls to Canada .. recall India and Canada are of the Queen’s Commonwealth, so transfers between Commonwealth nations is limitless.

After 5 yr mom got another teaching job back in the US under an older version of H1B. No evidence she ever applied for citizenship when she returned. Ditto for Kamla and her sis.

Just another ungrateful anchor baby claiming victimhood.

The press willfully ignores, while the Repubs refuse to address it for fear of being called racists, misogynists, xenophobic



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