mRNA vaccines biggest intentional mistake in human history

Letter to the Editor

We now have unambiguous evidence that coronavirus sequences can integrate into the genome,”

“SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, has genes composed of RNA, and Jaenisch, Young, and co-authors contend that on rare occasions an enzyme in human cells may copy the viral sequences into DNA and slip them into our chromosomes.”

If that is true, it would be better to prevent the illness with Ivermectin rather than inject SARS-COv-2 mRNA sequences into the human body, where they could become integrated within our DNA.

What does this say about world wide mass vaccination? 

What does this say about only a couple of months clinical testing before being foisted on the public?

This may be the biggest mistake in all of human history.

David Blake

Bribie Island

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