More details were revealed about the disqualification of Attorney Edward Moss from representing PAG (Part Three)

By: MOS Fitness Team – Ashley

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The person involved was not allowed to speak. “go down”, the judge asked me to go down as soon as I raised my hand. Who do you think can stand this lawsuit?

First, in five years, I was questioned by the attorney on the other side for hundreds of hours. Each time is ten hours, twenty hours. But the most important person in the PAG has never shown up.

Second, all people from the other party, including myself and the accountant, admit that all money has been paid back, and fully admit it. All the money, the loan and interest are all paid back.

Third, among the more than 70,000 pages of evidence documents, it was Beijing police who actually went to the PAG. No one has ever asked why Beijing police went to the PAG, and no one is allowed to ask. The relationship with Bruno Wu’s investment and the relationship with HNA’s investment is fully acknowledged here.

Forth, here I ask everyone, if you say so many things is unusual, can there still be procedural justice? Can it still represent the ultimate justice of the law? Then we must have reasons to wonder how many more Marrieck Garland, Justice Department corruption cases will there be in the United States.

Fifth, the other party’s attorney, Edward Moss, suddenly changed his law firm. He went to work with attorney Bradley Bondi, who used to represent GTV, later he even said that he did not violate professional ethics. As such, the judge even said he could not decide. We appealed and asked the American Bar Association (ABA), the most authoritative third party in the United States, to verify whether the other party violated professional ethics. Don’t forget, Bondi took 2 million legal consulting fees to represent our Whistleblower Movement brother-in-arms, he represented GTV. Now, he is representing the PAG, suing our brother-in-arms. Think about how ridiculous it is. If this happens to any law firm in the United States, it will be considered crazy. Isn’t it suicidal? “No”, the judge did not rule on this. We have repeatedly objected, objected, and appealed to a third party for appraisal. This is the lawyer’s professional ethics qualification assessment agency ABA. It’s for the judges, lawyers, and the ultimate authoritative committee. ABA thinks that not only he violated professional ethics, but he violated professional ethics severely.

In court, the judge said, “I respect you, Edward Moss. Eddie, you are a very successful lawyer. Under the judgment of the third party, it is a strong violation of professional ethics. It is painful to say that you can go.”

This is to let him go, but in fact he should never exist! ! ! This case shouldn’t exist! ! !

Why would PAG do this, four or five years, using a law firm that has worked with us before to cheat for four or five years? Is it only done once? They were the cleanest person in the past? Have they never done this before ? He would have killed us the way they did it.

One of the crazy things about the PAG case is that the owner of the 18th floor is a BVI company, and the judge said it was my company.

On February 2nd this year, there will be a hearing about Lady May.

Another battlefield of ours is in BVI, and the Law Firm called APPLEBY has been suing me in the past three or four years.

This law firm turned out to be the one that once represented our family, and my son. This firm actually came to sue us on behalf of the PAG. Exactly like Bradley Bondi.

Two or three years ago, I said during the live broadcast that the Chinese Communist Party said that it would definitely get into the control of  the judges in the BVI, the Bahamas, because there are no more than five judges in total.

On February 2nd, the case is to be sentenced. They will say the yacht is either mine or not mine. Judges in New York do not have the power to adjudicate this case. Do you think this case in the United States is comparable to the case of Zhang Pingmin, who was convicted in Communist China for accepting hundreds of millions of bribes.

The most horrifying is where the procedural justice is?

The other party forged the information on the DWNEWS, and we were not allowed to appeal or collect evidence. Then send a Subpoena to about 60 people related to us, and ask three questions: where is your money, who is the person in control, and all the personal information.

Everyone, you say, who wants these things the most?

Only the Chinese Communist Party!

Why is the PAG case, in the process of investigation, they asked for the things the CCP wanted the most?

All our fellow fighters who were arrested in Communist China were asked for these things too. There were all kinds of entanglement related to PAG. The law firms  are located in the Cathay Pacific building in Beijing. Bruno Wu, Wang Qishan, HNA, Jack Ma, Deputy Attorney General of the United States, President Trump, and Bannon, then White House adviser. Do they have any involvement in this case? Who can say that there is no connection?

Let’s take a look at the involvement of some overseas pseudo, fake CCP dissidents. Before the judge received the filing of this case, it was Xiong Xianmin who was the first to talk about it. And then, Boxun said that Miles Guo was finished; he had to get out of the 18th floor apartment; he would lose the lawsuit immediately; and he would lose more than $100 million. However, Boxun and Xiong Xianmin are now being investigated by the FBI for multiple criminal activities and CCP espionage cases.

Is this accidental?

The sponsor of all the money for Boxun and my case is Bruno Wu again.

Bruno Wu and PAG are partners. Is this just a coincidence again?

How much can they pay to compensate me for PAG’s unrestricted warfare against me, the psychological damage, the time consuming and the physical and mental torture?

I believe that the United States believes in the law, and the Chinese Communist Party’s infiltration of American law firms is definitely not that simple. In this case, I will definitely fight against them to the end as long as I am alive. If I were dead, our family would fight against them to the end. “

We will find out all the truth why they did that?


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