Montrealers gather together to reclaim their freedoms and their right to dance

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Whether it is at bars, nightclubs, or for any other event, dancing is a means of expression. It’s an art and a way of having fun. This past weekend, thousands of people gathered at Mount Royal Park in Montreal to dance to the music’s rhythm, in a protest to reopen dance floors in Quebec.

Many different DJs and colorful costumes were present.

Vaccinated or not, people want to reclaim rights the government promised they would be given back — and this weekend the focus was on the promise to return their freedom to dance.

Many of the people at the protest have been following the public health measures since the beginning of the pandemic without arguing, despite witnessing a lot of inconsistent decisions by Premier Legault’s government.

One example, in this case, is that 15,000 people were allowed to dance at the Bell Centre without respecting the health measures, but that dancing in nightclubs is still not authorized.

Restrictions and measures are still in place that mostly, according to the protesters, make no sense. For those at Mount Royal Park, they feel it’s time to reclaim what they were promised, as well as begin to return to normalcy.

People wish to have their freedoms back and it begins with the right to dance.

So, Rebel News has decided to launch a petition to help out by sending a message that we also wish to see the dance floors reopen and that we must take this freedom back.


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