Mollie Hemingway: China Is Demanding World Power, Biden Win Gives China 4 Year Reprieve To Pursue Global Dominance


Federalist Senior Editor Mollie Hemingway cautioned the United States to remain vigilant in the face of the nation’s largest overseas adversary seeking to topple the American position as the dominant global superpower.

“We have adversaries all over the world who would like very much to compromise all of our systems and have had some success doing it,” Hemingway said following a major cyberattack infiltrating government agencies — likely from the Russians. “It’s incumbent upon us to really step up here.”

Hemingway emphasized that China and other adversaries, in addition to Russia, pose a significant threat after news broke that a Chinese spy held a close and potentially romantic relationship with California Congressman Eric Swalwell, who sits on the House Intelligence Committee.

“China in particular, which wants to take over the United States position as the leader of the world and they have just been given with this four more years of kind of breathing room to advance that,” Hemingway said.

Biden’s latest cabinet considerations have spiked fears that a Biden administration will be just as weak at the Obama White House four years ago.

News broke this week that Disney CEO Bob Iger, who leads a company that unapologetically filmed nearby a Uighur concentration camp and thanked the Chinese Communist Party for its cooperation is a candidate to serve as Biden’s Chinese ambassador.

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