‘Modelers weren’t just wrong, they were spectacularly wrong’…

You are never going to get what the Imperial College of London study released to the CDC or what the CDC decided to brief the Trump Cabinet. I gave up after clicking on 2 different links.

I have a hint for you: What did Mi6 do to Papa D? They had Misfud whisper in his ear that Trump had Hillary’s emails.
Then they bring in Alexander Downer and trot out a Supermodel Annnd… Papa D is in a London bar drinking with them that “hear” Papa D say, “Trump had Hillary’s emails, pass it on… ” Yea,, drinking with MI6 Papa D, not a good plan.. Good thing you didn’t take the $10,000 bribe.

So why did I spend 5 minutes framing what Mi5 did to Papa D?

Because the Imperial College of London study did the same thing to the Trump Cabinet.

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